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A view from the bridge Essay (778 words)

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In this play ‘A view from the bridge’ Miller discusses Eddie Carbone as a tragic hero. The concept of a tragic hero originates from Greek tragedy. Eddie Carbone conforms to this by being what is known to Greek tragedy as a protagonist. This is usually the first or most important actor in the play, in this case Eddie Carbone and who commits an offence. This is often unknown but gradually over the event of the play he may then learn his fault, suffer and possibly die.

Eddie Carbone’s flaw is that he is in love with his niece but denies this until eventually things take their course and just like in Greek tragedy Eddie the protagonist suffers for his flaw. Miller presents Eddie Carbone to us as a hard working, caring person and shows this as he took his niece and two immigrants in. He seems as if the neighbourhood admires him but over the course of the play unfortunately falls in love with someone, which he should not. This eventually loses his respect from others.

In Act 1 Miller shows a happy domestic family scene in which Catherine enters the room with a cigar lighting it for Eddie and as in a normal household arguments between wife Beatrice and husband Eddie. The first sign of tension between Eddie and Beatrice was at this point where they are having an argument, Beatrice says, “you are the one who is mad. ” Here Beatrice may seem to know what is happening inside Eddy’s head and how he feels about Catherine but, it may be later on in the play i. e. when Catherine is going to work but Eddie wont let her that Beatrice realises what is going on.

Catherine, Rodolfo and Marco realise Eddie’s feelings for Catherine and the way in which he despises Rodolfo in two completely different scenes, it is not until later on that they realise Eddies feelings for Catherine. Miller shows in Act 1 that the family realise what Eddie thinks about Rodolfo. When the family is praising Rodolfo for being a good cook something seems to snap in eddies head and he says ” its wonderful! He sings, he cooks, he could make dressesa€¦. ” It is in Act 2 though that the family realise Eddie’s feelings for Catherine.

Eddie was drunk and came home from a days work to find Catherine and Rodolfo coming out from the bedroom. When Catherine says that she can’t stay there anymore Eddie reacts with the feeling of immense horror and upset and drawing Catherine to him kisses her passionately. After this he kisses Rodolfo seeming to think it will prove he is a homosexual. Eddie to Catherine “you see! To Rodolfo I give you till tomorrow kid. ” He believes that Rodolfo is a homosexual as he cant bare the thought of Catherine being with anyone else but himself.

The audience is led to believe that Eddie becomes aware of his fatal flaw in the middle of act 1 when Eddie goes to see Alfieri about Rodolfo and Catherine. Miller uses Alfieri as the narrator as he is not part of the family but a lawyer. Alfeiri is vital to the structure of the play as he tells us about the next scene. This means he is not at all biased in any way. Eddie is upset and we can tell this by the stage directions, Eddie sits beside the desk cap in hand looking out. And by what Alfieri says, “His eyes were like tunnels. Eddie talks uncomfortably about Rodolfo and how “he aint right. ” Alfieri can then tell that throughout the conversation Eddie is trying to cover up his feelings for Catherine and near to the end of the conversation he says to Eddie, “she wants to get married Eddie, she cant marry you, can she? ” This is when we know Alfieri knows Eddies feelings for Catherine. Even though Eddie is subconsciously aware of his fatal flaw, he seems to deny it right until it is too late and suffers the consequences.

Who knows what Miller actually thought the finale of the play was, but I think the finale of the play is not when Eddie finally dies but when Beatrice tells Eddie what he has been denying for so longa€¦his love for Catherine not as a daughter but as a lover, “You want something else, Eddie, and you can never have her! ” Eddie reacts to this by crying out in agony fists clenched he still denies it. By this reaction you can tell Eddie knows it is the truth and is distraught with the fact that he has to say goodbye to her and that they can never be lovers.

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