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A Tale Of Two Cities The Arche Essay

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Archetypal Characters: Characters are presented from the start of the novel as good or evil.

There are no characters that the reader see as good and turn out to be evil at the end or vica versa. Their goodness or evilness is clearly shown from the beginning. A Tale of Two Cities takes place in England and France, during the time of the French Revolution. A Tale of Two Cities is a classic novel, where Charles Dickens presents to the reader archetypal main characters.

From the beginning of the novel, the reader can know whether the characters are evil or not. In the novel, the main character, Sydney Carton, also contributes a lot to the theme of the novel-every individual should have both moral and physical courage, and should be able to sacrifice everything in the name of love. Sydney Carton has been presented as the worthless human being. He was always drunk. He did not acquire any high social position.

He was always alone and lonely. Nobody loved him and nobody respected him. I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me said Carton (page 99). However, Sydney Carton did never cause any harm to anybody, but actually helped the people around him. Sydney Carton was physically identical to Charles Darnay. When Darnay was being prosecuted for treason against the English government, Carton allowed Mr.

Stryver (the lawyer Carton worked for) to reveal him Look well upon that gentleman, my learned friend there, and then look well upon the prisoner. How say you? Are they very like each other’said Stryver (page 86). My lord inquired of Mr. Stryver, whether they were next to try Mr. Carton for treason? But Mr. Stryver replied no (Page 86).

The court then released Darnay. This was one of the ways Sydney Carton presented assistance to others, and that shows that he is a good person who does not mind helping other people. After the trial Carton and Darnay met with each other, and they had a talk. Mr. Carton had told Darnay that he hated him because Lucy loved him.

Couple of months after this incident, Mr. Carton asked to meet with Mr. Darnay. Carton asked Darnay to forgive him for the previous incident and also asked him to be his friend. Mr.

Darnay, I wish we might be friends said Carton (page 251) On the drunken occasion in question, I was insufferable about liking you and not liking you, I wish you would forget it said Carton (page 252). This also proves that deep down in Cartons heart, he carried to hatred but love for people, since he practically apologized to Darnay. Couple of Years after, the French Revolution had started. Charles Darnay was arrested.

He was to be executed because he was an Evremonde. Sydney Carton made his arrangements and decided to die instead of him. Carton did that because he loved Lucy Manette (Darnays wife) very much and he wanted her to remain happy all her life. Indeed Sydney Carton was a drunk looser. However, he helped a lot of souls around him.

He saved peoples lives and he made other peoples lives happier. Dr. Alexander Manette was a prisoner in the Bastille for eighteen years. He was an innocent man; however, he was captured and put in prison by the brothers DEvremonde. Dr. Manette helped a lot of people throughout his life; he sometimes sacrificed his own happiness for his beloved daughter, Lucy.

Before Dr. Manette was sent to prison, he had done his best to help Madam Defarges family. Her family was captured by the Evremonde and were abused then killed. However, she escaped. Dr.

Manette tried to offer them help to the fullest extent. He never turned his back on them, whenever they needed him he was always there. A while after that Dr. Manette was put in prison. During this period, he wrote a journal denouncing the brothers Evremonde and all their descendants.

Charles Darnay was an Evremonde. Charles Darnay told Dr. Manette that he loved Lucy and she loved him. He also told him about his real name.

He did not want to keep

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