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A Review of the Work the Thing They Carried

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The main character of the story is named Jimmy Cross. Can you think of anyone else with the initials JC that carries a cross? What might be the significance of this connection?

Jesus Christ and Jimmy cross have the same initials and the both resemble a cross. A significant connection between the two is how they both would sacrifice anything for the people they love. I have never been to church and in that regard, I am not very educated on Jesus Christ and his story.

Jimmy Cross often thinks about a girl named Martha back in New Jersey. Based on his thoughts, what kind of a relationship does he have with Martha? What’s the significance of this relationship?

Jimmy Cross is obsessed with the girl named Martha who was from new jersey. She does not know about his love for her. He carries photos and letters that she had wrote to him around in his bag. Jimmy missed opportunities to be with her before he was shipped off for war. Jimmy is in love with Martha and is constantly thinking about if she is a virgin. Jimmy put all his faith into Martha since he could not put it into the war. She was the only thing getting him through the day.

Provide a brief character sketch of Ted Lavender and describe how he dies. Now think of the way many soldiers died in Hollywood movies and compare to the death of Ted Lavender. What might the author be suggesting?

Ted lavender was a young rookie in the war zone. He was very terrified of the war and carried lots of tranquilizers and weed to relax himself. Ted was shot in the back of the head while he was walking back from the bathroom and then dropped to the ground rapidly just like a heavy brick. Jimmy Cross blames himself for lavenders death because he was so occupied thinking about Martha, he was not watching for danger.

In Hollywood movies, soldier usually end up getting blown up, sniped from a distance, or end up in a one on one battle. In ted lavenders case, he was shot out of the blue with no warning. The author might be suggesting that life is truly short and can be taken away from you at any moment. It demonstrates how important soldiers are and the high risk they put themselves at for our country.

The title, ‘The Things They Carried’ reverberates on a number of different levels. Describe how this title is metaphorical. Think in terms of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual things one might carry.

In the short novel, “ The things They Carried”, the author explained every piece of material that was carried on the soldiers back metaphorically by attaching fear, love, and physical things. For instance, Cross carried a compass and map because he was in charge. The soldiers carried emotional baggage of men who might die. Cross carried a rabbits foot for superstition and lucky pebble protection. The soldiers physically carried heavy ammo and grenades.

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