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    A Personal Modest Proposal (714 words)

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    It’s a melancholy for women these days. Everyday women are being treated unfairly and are being abused. Women get hurt everyday by their partners or someone close to them. Women also don’t get the respect that they deserve. Even in the business world, women are getting sexually harassed, and they barely get any recognition on closing a big business deal or something.

    Females of all ages are being sex trafficked and raped. One in six American women will be a victim of rack or attempted rape. These females are likely to be in poverty more than men. They are getting knocked up at a very young age. They are making less money than a man would, whether it is a part- time or full time job.

    I think we can all agree that they are the reason why the world is getting overpopulated. They are the ones who are getting pregnant. Women don’t really contribute to the world other than to get pregnant. Women aren’t that strong and their emotions are horrendous when they get their period.

    Females are under educated and their career choices are limited. Women rarely get into engineering as a career choice. Women make up fifty-one percent of the American population but, they only make up nineteen percent of congress.

    I will now show therefore humbly propose my thoughts. Hopefully it will not be liable to the least objection.

    Women are in the way of men. Even though men love women because beauty, physique, someone to come home to and make love to. They are distraction to the male dominance. Men should round up all the women and kill them.

    I do humbly offer to the public’s consideration on the fact that women are giving birth everyday, everywhere, every second. There are 4 births every second all year round. The abuse towards women would stop instantly. The men wouldn’t have anyone to physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually hurt. There would be no more sexual harassment.

    Secondly, Men would have way more job opportunities and promotions now that women would be gone. Women wouldn’t be in the way with their tight plaid pencil skirt, button down shirt see through, and some 4 inch heels walking around the office. Thirdly, men spend more money on women for clothes, dining out, other random stuff girls need. Without them men won’t have to spend that much on women but they can spend their money on themselves.

    Fourthly, there won’t be anymore births which would equal to no more overpopulation in the world. Parts of the world are in poverty due to women getting pregnant. This leads to less food and other essential needs. Not to mention but there would be no more shooting the squirter into the baby making womb.

    Fifthly, no more waiting on the women. Who takes two to three hours to get ready? Men take like seven minutes to get ready. Men don’t have to wait around anymore. They can go straight to the restaurant or bar. Sixthly, men can talk about politics and vote without the worry of some woman trying to become president. I mean all the presidents are men.

    I can’t think of no other that will possibly be raised against this proposal. If only men could stop being abusive and unfair maybe the world could be a little better. But, it’s not going to work. Let’s face it, men think they have all the power. They think that they are in charge. Men don’t want women to become president. They think that women should stay at home.

    Females weren’t allowed to vote until August 18, 1920. Women were just stay at home moms, cooks, cleaning, picking up and taking kids to school, making lunches. Women get raped just because they wanted to serve their country.

    I have very little interest in promoting this work. If only we can stop lowering the women status and be equal. Then maybe we won’t have to look at this proposal. Unfortunately, we can’t stop men from treating women unfairly and abusing them. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a different solution to our problem but, it’s the only ideal solution to the problem.

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