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A Modest Proposal Through Marxist Theory

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The essay by Jonathan is among the greatest irony in the history of language. The first describes the tough situations of the beggars and their survival techniques. Thus, the second section explains the remedy of generating incoming to these sets of persons. Therefore, Oldenburg (2014) explains that the children after proper feeding should be converted to meat once they are a year old. Moreover, the young ones should be fed well to ensure they are very healthy and fleshy. Therefore, the primary aim is to sell them to the rich who are believed to have enough money. However, he supports the argument by including lampoons such as appealing to the authorities about the act. He gives a better proposal that in real life is not applicable since he is trying to evade the issue of poor parents struggling to make their children comfortable. Therefore, the remedy is more beneficial to the public as they will have a different variety of flesh that is prepared well. Note that Jonathan argues from the perspective of a very tough economy that leaves people in the suffering edge. In combating the issue of overpopulation and gaining money for survival, the young children could be sold to generate income. Marxism is, however, an economic and social system based on political and economic theories (McCutcheon, 2014). Therefore, it is broad and creates a better explanation of the setting of the society in different contexts. The discussion, however, involves providing arguments on the modest proposal through the lens of Marxist theory that explains the social and economic effect of a community.

In real life, parents struggle to make ends meet for their families. No matter the tight situation of the economy, they ensure the children have something to feed. Moreover, programs by nonprofit organizations have been created to provide the support is extended. Hence, the idea of having to convert the children to meat has never crossed their minds. A modest proposal, however, has its history and the author gives logical reasoning for a better understanding of why the acts should be performed. Before the political commentary was dominated, the individuals could easily handle their issues. In a community that is taken over by the rich, the only option is to cooperate by sacrificing the item that is important to ensure survival is handled well. Marxist theory is very elaborate thus provides that most leaders care about themselves resulting in development deteriorating. Out of the satire, a moral lesson should be acquired to assist the current individuals in making sound decisions while electing.

The typical piece of literature does not advocate for the upbringing of children to be sold and eaten since it tries to operate under the pretext. A modest proposal is an amusing satire that attacks the English oppressive control and occurrence in Ireland thus if viewed through the lens of Marxist theory; it exposes the injustices in the economy and flaws of politics in the society. Therefore, behind the provision in the book by the author, he tries to devote the talents he has in politics and religion since most of his writing was conducted to address specific issues. However, he quickly finds content since he spent most of his life in Ireland where he experienced all the hardships for him to get to the current position. Jonathan, however, has figurative weapons that cut through the lies that the English were trying to cover up for the citizens not to recognize. The Irish people were oppressed by the English who raptured their economic status and the manner of survival. At high risk of his freedom being snatched, corruption irritated him as much as those close to him were prone to engaging in it (Murphet, 2016). Therefore, it is smart enough to oversee the political, religious and social standards being destroyed and criticizes it well through sarcasm for the people to understand how they should be treated. He understands the dark world but needs a better way of improving the tough situations of his people (Murphet, 2016). Thus, the text addresses what people need to do to ensure they get food. Note that he is concerned with the issue of starvation and poverty he has witnessed in the streets. Thus, this is the dark world most people are subjected resulting to arising of issues that proper address before the situation gets off hand. The best way to get the kind thoughts of Jonathan can be explained in the books. Hence, the readers should get a clear meaning and not just get amused by the writings. The text cannot be ignored since the ironical solution to the significant issue sends a message to those affected and the individuals that could influence a change for the people to have a better living.

The metaphors such as; the English are devouring the Irish, show the levels of his wisdom because he does not want a more in-depth understanding to be gotten by the opponent since it would subject him to great trouble. Therefore, he continues to portray how the financial benefits will be achieved. The people can be provided with better clothing and a proper living through converting the mothers to breeders and the children to livestock so that some benefits are achieved. Moreover, he directly communicates to the despots that the meal will be dear and the specific persons will control the title of the. Furthermore, he continues to attack the English because they took over the lands of the people and used their resources as if it was theirs. He, however, explains that they have benefited from what they have not worked leaving the innocent should suffer. The aspect of being comfortable with many citizens sleeping out saddens him as they cannot afford to pay the landlords due to the high cost of living. The choice of gathering the information in that context makes him urge the people to decide if they still want to live in a tough situation. An attempt at the protest will create a signal that the people are tired of the misbehavior. For better living, risking lives will be a better solution to give a better message to the authorities. The suffering individuals should, however, get together to ensure that a better leader is chosen to represent them. The suffering is too much; thus, the voices need to be heard so that the nation may develop significantly. The economy should also be controlled to ensure that members of every class can handle the situations.

The children are however used to show the acts of the leaders who made the lives of the innocent individuals. The analysis of the literature is yet significant if viewed through the Marxist theory since a better understanding of how the leaders operate is achieved. The men of culture should not get entrusted with leadership since they cannot incorporate a broader view in their thoughts to save the people. The death of Swift affected the people since the levels of suffering increased. The potato famine caused lots of change in the country since individuals were asked to vacate the land yet most people starved to death. Therefore, this happened because the food was not enough for everyone. The privileges that were enjoyed before were taken away since the government considered it a waste. The works of Swift enabled the Communist manifesto to have a foundation to get ideas on how to get way to maneuver the tough situation through risking lives so that freedom is attained. The financial constraint is suffered by the begging and thieving families as those on the upper class are benefiting from what they have not labored. In the Marxist lens, one can quickly view through the lens that the family of the Irish people is suffering because they are homeless and overworked which is represented as cogs in the machines. Thus, they are not even given food to provide energy to perform the tasks. However, if they fail to conduct activities in the required manner, punishment is given. At times, it could result in deterioration in the health of the individual. The struggles can be seen clearly; thus a movement needs to evolve so that the matters encountered can be tackled significantly. Instead of women going to work, they are forced to stay with their sickling children in bed (Laibman, 2016). Moreover, they end up stealing or selling themselves to Barbados. In the current world, such issues are still being encountered since equality is only for specific sets of people that are privileged to know to the higher authorities.

Removing the poor from that class is difficult as they are known to drag the nation backward. Hence, if opportunities are present, some other people are prioritized resulting in worsening of the condition. Among the common problems today is starvation; thus some parts of the world have been to suffer significantly from lack of food. They only survive on donations that are provided periodically; hence, the people become conservative since they do not know the next time they will get the opportunity. Ideally, those raised in poverty-stricken homes are likely to commit crimes to ensure they get to feed their families. Most of them end up becoming inmates with no one to protect their rights. Even in powerful Countries such as America, some issues are still encountered that alter the well- being of people. Children who end up in foster homes are those who have no other options but to be taken care of by families which they are not blood-related. Therefore, they undergo great oppression resulting in the great suffering of these children until they always hate their code of living.

The high economy has left most people either homeless or in houses built by the government to get relief. Thus, the poor in the community are just like the description Jonathan has provided in his book. Therefore, they are considered worthless and are given jobs that cannot support them significantly. In wars, they are out on the front line to ensure that they are finished first. Those that are privileged remain at home to watch how these people are hurt in the session. The old theories are fundamental since they help in connecting the daily problems to those that individuals in ancient days encountered. During elections, riots are likely to unfold because the politicians fight for position to benefit themselves and those close to them. Thus, the citizens are left in the situation in which they have always been resulting in the goals not being achieved as planned. Insults and blame are still to the poor since they are considered a burden to the nation. Jonathan, however, exposed the injustices effectively for better action to be taken. Moreover, his aims to speak to the English authorities for them to be aware that the people of the nation were very tired of the oppression.

In real life, no mother would want to sacrifice their child to get food. Therefore, the satire in the writings of Jonathan is to expose the suffering of the people. The parents should, however, be breeders and the children livestock so that the issue of starvation is tackled effectively. The rich are however supposed to buy the meat to generate income for these helpless families (Rutherford, 2017). Therefore, in the Marxist lens, it portrays that the government is very dominative as the people have no say over the evil deeds. The resources are being used carelessly; hence, specific people are suffering to make other people’s lives better. Therefore, the book plays a significant role in the current society as some of the issues in the books are still encountered.

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