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    ‘A MidSummer Nights Dream” Analysis

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    A Mid Summer Nights Dream was written by William Shakespeare. It was about two Athens who were forbidden to marry. They decided to run away but they were chased down by their enemies. They must survive thru the night until they reach freedom.

    Act one scene one is about Theseus and Hipppolyta, who are arranging their wedding plans Thesus decides to celebrate their marriage by throwing a three day festival to show their love .he also decides to have actors create a play for entertainment .later in the scene Egues and his daughter hermia enter into the room with two men .egues ask for thesus on how to get hermia to fall in love with Demetrius and not Lysander .her final choices were to marry demitrius ,before,e a nun or be sentenced to death .she chooses to become a nun for she could never love Demetrius like she does Lysander .when the three men walk off Lysander comforts his love by making a plan to run away where Athens laws cannot touch them,at this time Helena enters ,Helena has been in love with Demetrius ever since she laid eyes on him but he refuses her and seeks hermia ,they decide to tell her they’re plans ,and she decides to tell Demetrius ,hoping he will fall in love with her again .in the movie everything is similar but instead of thesus and hyppolyta marrying love she is forced to marry him without a choice ,I prefer the movie because reading is boring

    Act Two Scene Two

    In this act this is when the actors meet up to discuss where they are going to rehearse for the play and who will be assigned to each character. Also in this scene Bottom is trying to change the play to his advantage. Also he is showing off how talented he is even though he isn’t I like movie better because I hate reading and movies are better.

    Act 2, Scene 1 we are still continuing rising action of the play. In this scene a fairy servent of Oberon, known as Puck runs into a fairy servent of Tatiana. They each warn each other that each of their masters are angry at each other and warn each other to keep their masters far from each other. At this time Oberon and Titania accidentally run into each other and threaten war among the fairy kingdom if Oberon tries to take the small Indian Boy from her. After a heated argument they each leave and Oberon talks to Puck secretly about a plan he devised to get the Indian boy from Titania. He tells Puck to bring him the Cupid’s flower and he will squeeze it on Tatiana’s eyes and she will fall in love with the first thing she see’s. When Oberon and puck leave, Demitries enters with Helena close behind him. She begs him to stop searching for Hermia and too come back home with her but he refuses and threatens her if she doesn’t leave but of course she still follows him.Oberon and Puck enter again with the Cupids flowers and that night he decides he will pour the juice on her eyes. Every thing in the movie is better because I’m a visual Lerner

    Act 2, Scene 2 is still continuing rising action of the play. In this scene Titania is having her fairies sing her a lullaby to protect her while she sleeps. At this After Titania fell asleep, King Oberon put the Cupid’s flower juice on her eyes. So that way she would fall in love with the first thing she see’s even if its an animal. Oberon left and this is when Hermia and Lysander enter and of course Lysander gets them lost in the woods. So they decide to stay there for the night and travel on in the morning. This is when the sneaky puck enters, tired and exhausted from traveling all around the forest trying to find the Athens couple. When he spots them he decides that this must be the couple that King Oberon ordered him to pour Cupid’s flowers juice into the mans eye. He pours the juice on Lysander eyes while he is asleep. This is when Demetrius and Helena come running into the forest not noticing the other Athens couple they were looking for. Demetriues orders Helena to leave him alone and goes off by himself leaving Helena with the sleeping couple. While arguing with herself she spots Lysander on the ground wondering if he alive or dead. When he wakes he automatically falls in love with her because of the spell she did to make him fall in love, Helena believes that he is playing a trick on her so she decides to try and escape from him but all he does is follow committing her on her beauty and grace. After leaving, Hermia awakes from a nightmare calling for her Lysander, angry at Lysander running off with out her goes and looks for him calling his name. The scene of this book is identical to the scene in the movie.

    Act 3, Scene 1 is still continuing the rising action of the plot. In this scene, the craftsmen meet up in the Dukes forest to rehearse the play. While calling roles Bottom playing the role of Pyramus, the Hero. He decides that the play need a prologue that was the worse prologue written to not scare the women during the play. While rehearsing Pyramus must leave the group while the rehearse a certain scene. While in the forest Puck the Mischef fairy decides to have a little fun and turns bottom head into an ass.When called back to the group to continue the scene the run in terror as the ass-headed bottom comes into view. While walking thru the forest trying to find his way back home, bottom comes across Queen Tatiana sleeping. Waking her she falls in love with the first thing she’s see’s, which is the Bottom with the ass head. I love how Shakespeare made jokes within the play, A Midsummer Night dream. Throughout this Act nothing changes in the movie.

    Act 3, Scene 2 and 3 is still continuing rising actio closing into climax. In another part of the forest, Puck tell King Oberon about Queen Titiana falling in love with the man with the ass head. That’s when Hermia runs into Demitries while looking for Lysander.Oberon mad at Puck for making the situation worse by putting the Cupid’s flower juice on the wrong person eyes. Now that Hermia has found Demitries she fears that he has been killed, while Lysander can’t understand why she won’t marry him instead of Lysander and decides not to follow Hermia when she leaves but to stay behind and fall asleep. Oberon orders pick to put a drop of the juice on Demitries eyes so that way he will fall in love with Helena, then Helena enters with Lysander pledging his undying love for her. Helena still thinking this is a trick bickers with Lysander, pleading him to leave her alone for it’s a nasty joke he is playing. Then Demitries wakes from the noise seeing Helena and falling in love with her at that very moment. While Lysander and Demitries both argue about who loves Helena more, Hermia walks in trying to pull Lysander and Demitries apart from fighting but only to be told by Lysander that he never could love her. Hermia believes that Helena stole her man and threatens her but only to have the two young men to protect her. Soon after saying some nasty words to Hermia the two start to argue again and decide to fight for Helena’s love. Helena runs away from Hermia and Hermia soon departures afterwords when the boys walk away to find a place to fight. Oberon watching orders Puck to keep Lysander and Demitries ways from each other until they are so tired that they fall asleep. In these scenes the movie actually changes. When Puck puts the potion on Demitries eyes he first see’s Lysander falling in love with him and not Helena. Puck puts the juice back on his eyes and that’s when he see’s Helena and they both fall in love with her. Then When Hermia find the three arguing with each other and threatens Helena for stealing her man. That’s when Demitries in the movie holds her over a cliff but does not drop her because he could never hurt someone.

    Act IV, Scene 1 is when we hit the climax of the play. In this act the four Athenian lovers are asleep in the grove and this is when Bottom and Titania enter. After Bottom sends the fairies to fetch him some food he falls asleep with Titiana and that’s when King Oberon enters. He pours says the charm that undo’s the spell and she awakes startled to see herself sleeping with an ass. Even though Oberon pulled the nasty trick he ask his Queen for dance also ordering puck to turn Bottoms head back to normal. In the other part of the forest The Duke finds the four lovers, he awakes them and demands a story. He soon finds out that Lysander and Hermia love each other, so do Demitries and Helena. So he invites them back to his castle to have a celebration for the new couples. Now in the movie nothing has changed.

    Act IV, Scene 2 is the falling action of the play. Bottom returns to his friends and tells them about the dream he had. They learn about the two newly weds and must hurry to prepare for the play. In this scene for the movie nothing has changed so far but the last scene has a surprising end to it.

    Act V, Scene 1 is the ending of this story, it takes place at the Dukes Castle where Theseus is talking to his wife Hippolyta about the insodent in the woods. She believes the two couples are telling he truth about that night. At this time the newly weds take their seats and arch the play created by the craftsmen. Through the play they learn that these actors are some of the worst actors in the entire city but most solider on. At the end the couples leave to bed and that when the fairies come to bless the couples. Now in the movie this scene is different, Demitries is still controlled by the potion until their married but he knows he loves her.The duke dies and the fairies free Hippolyta. Puck ends up with a epoulouge.

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