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    A Description of My Bedroom Essay

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    An empty bedroom is like a blank canvas and the person who inhabits the bedroom is the artist. This artist sets up their room according to their unique likes, style, and personality. Everything in their room helps define the artist as a person. You could learn so much about a person by just taking a look inside of their room. You can easily tell which door leads to my bedroom because if the way it looks. Its not your average, ordinary door. Its special. My door is white with violet polka dots all over it. It has my name smack in the middle with bright, bold, sparkly purple letters.

    Beneath my name is a small collage of pictures of me with my family and friends , followed by one of my favorite quotes “It is not what we have but who we have in our lives that counts.  . Once opening the door, you catch a quick glimpse of my violet and white striped room. Each wall is different. The wall behind my bed is violet with 2 white stripes, one thick stripe and one skinnier stripe on top of it. The wall opposite to it is the same. The wall right next to it is white with stripes just like the one next to it except the stripes are violet.

    Right after entering my room, to your left you will find my bathroom. The first thing that you notice when entering my bathroom is that its a dark purple color. To the left you will see my a big oval mirror above my sink. My sink has a lavender toothbrush and soap container on top of it, to the left of my sink is a white cabinet in which I keep all of my face wash and other hygiene products. To the right of the sink is my lavender covered toilet. On top of the toilet cap thing are dark purple, scented candles on top of a small, silky lavender cloth.

    Above the toilet is a towel rack that holds 3 dark purple towels. To the right of the toilet is my bath. My bath has , you guessed it, a dark purple shower curtain with white polka dots on it. Inside my bath, I have my shampoo, body wash and purple loofa rack. Getting out if the bath, to the right you will see 3 pictures of Daisies, all different sizes. 1 big , 1 medium and 1 small in that order. On the bathroom door I have a little a hanger that holds up my violet colored bathroom robe. On the floor I have 3 fluffy rugs, also a dark purple color.

    There is a small one under the sink, another one under the toilet, and a longer one under the bath. Once exiting the bathroom, to your left you will see my t. v cabinet. I have a 32  black plasma t. v, this was a birthday present given to me on my 15th birthday. The cabinet that holds the t. v is white. Inside the cabinet there is a VCR/DVD player. To the right of the VCR/DVD player is my Wii console. This was a Christmas present given to me and my younger sister in 2009. Back then me and my sister used to use to play games but as the years go by mostly just use it to watch movies and shows on Netflix.

    To the left of the VCR/DVD player there are two compartments. A higher and a lower compartment. On the higher compartment there are my DVD movies and some of my old Wii games. The lower compartment contains my VCR movies. Above my t. v and the cabinet are four colored cubes that hang on the wall. The cubes have an opening in the middle which allows them to hold stuff in the middle of them. Two of the cubes are purple and the two there cubes are white. On the wall they are arranged a certain way. One white cube is placed at a slightly high level, a purple cube is next to it but below it.

    The other white cube is placed above the previous purple one and it is about the same height as the first white cube. The last purple cube is placed under the last white cube. Inside of the first cube I put a small purple pot with fake daisies on it to add a plant to the room even if it was fake. Inside the second cube I put five books. Those four books are my al time favorite books written by my favorite author, John Green. The books are “Looking for Alaska , “The Fault in Our Stars , “An Abundance of Katherines , “Paper Towns , and “Will Grayson, Will Grayson .

    Inside the third cube I put three scented candles, two small purple candles and one medium sized white candle. The small purple candles have a lavender scent and the medium sized candle has a vanilla bean scent. The candles are arranged in the order of; purple, white, purple. Inside of the fourth and last cube I placed two small teddy bears given to me by my best friend on valentines day. To the left of t. v cabinet is my closet. I have a four door white closet. Each closet door has a princess mirror in the middle. The border of each of the mirrors are violet.

    On the outline of the door frame there are purple christmas lights going all around the closet. The reason for these lights is simply because I like to look at them at night when my room is dark because they make the room look so dark but yet so beautiful. To the right of my closet there is a window with a window seat. My curtains are made up of a sparkly, violet cloth. My window couch is violet with two sets of white and purple striped pillows and cushions. The furniture part of the couch is white. The furniture has 2 medium sized drawers. The painted the little ball handles violet to go with the rest of my room.

    Next to the window and the window seat, to the right I have medium sized, purple, plush bean bag chair. This bean bag chair has a great amount of significance to me. This bean bag chair was a present from my step-sister. She bought it for me on our first shopping trip together. She bought it for me because i had told her about how I wanted a bean bag chair for my room so that when my friends would come over, I would have somewhere comfy to sit on, aside from my bed. On the bean bag chair there is a candy wrapper looking like small pillow. Above the bean bag chair, I have what I call “The wall of memories .

    The wall of memories is a part of my wall in which I have pictures of my family, friends and I posted on it. In that wall I have any little thing that tells a story. I have movie tickets, fair bracelets, sunsplash bracelets, restaurant recipes, letters, pictures, postcards, keychains, and any other thing you could possibly consider a keepsake. One very important item on that wall is a poster given to me by my best friend Cristian, who i’ve known since we were both in kindergarten. It was the poster he made for me when he asked me to be his homecoming date.

    Its a large white poster that has a unique type of font that reads, ” Vas a homecoming conmigo o que ? . When translated the poster says “will you go to homecoming with me or what? . Its kind of our own way of being funny while asking a serious question. I guess you can say we have a pretty unique way of talking to each other. Other items on that wall that have a great amount of significance to me are 2 pictures. Both of these pictures were taken on the same day, my quinceanera. One of the pictures is of my court of honor, my choreographer and I. In that picture there are a total of 31 people all bunched up together.

    Out of those 31 people, 28 of them were of my court of honor, 14 damas (girls) and 14 chambelanes (guys). Then there was me and my chambelan de honor (partner of honor) and then there was my choreographer. This picture was taken after we had all finished my surprise dance. This picture is special to me because it makes me relive that special day and that performance. In the other picture, also taken on that day, is part of who are now my third family and my moms side of the family. That picture includes my step-dad and his side of the family and then it has my moms side of the family.

    That picture means a lot to me because it was because of everyone in that picture that my quinceanera happened and it was the best day of my life. It also makes me smile each time I see that picture because it reminds me of how big my family has gotten and how close we all are. One last item on that wall that will forever be important to me is a white sombrero. That sombrero is so important to me because it was given to me by one of the men in my life who has had made the biggest impact on my life, my grandfather. My grandfather bought me that sombrero one day on our trip to Cuauhtemoc, a city in Mexico.

    I will always remember this day and moment because it was the first time my sister and I had been to to that part of Mexico. I remember passing by a store that sold sombreros and my grandpa telling me to choose which ever one I liked. I remember picking out the sombrero that seemed the prettiest to me, a white sombrero with a grey band on the middle with a small pink feather and a small yellow feather on the side. I remember how happy I was because I had wanted one ever since I had made my first trip to mexico when I was eight years old to visit my grandparents.

    I have had that sombrero with me ever since and I have always kept it on display in my room because every time I look at it i get reminded of all those times I spent with my grandparents and all the adventures they used to take me out and all those memories that I had created with them. Each and every item tells a story of what I did that day and with who. It makes me relive memories. Although some of the items on that wall bring back sad memories, I still like to keep them there to remind me that in life we’ll have bad times but in the end the good times will always outweigh the bad ones.

    Below that part of the wall I have a medium sized, long stand. On that stand I have a few things from my quinceanera. I have them sort of like a display for both people who enter my room and for myself, to remember that special day of mine. On that stand I have my quinceanera albums in which in total I have literally thousands of pictures from that day. I also have my guest book, which almost everyone who attended my party signed it and left a small message. In addition to the albums and book, on the stand I also placed my crown, bouquet and doll there. Basically almost this whole wall and side of the room is full of memoirs and keepsakes.

    To the right of that part of the wall there is a cabinet. It is one out if the two cabinets that complete the bedroom set. The cabinet is white with little silver handles. On top of the cabinet there is a lamp with little purple jewel fringes on the edges. The lamp’s cover or shade is purple. The base frame of the lamp is white. Above the lamp , on the wall, there is a long rectangular and glass candle holder. On that candle holder I have a small little shine for my deceased grandparents. The candle holder has a picture of my grandparents in the middle and on each side of the picture there is one small white candle.

    To the right of the candle holder is my bed. I have a white queen sized bed. My bed has a thin blanket on the bottom which is a plain violet color. On top of that blanket is a much thicker blanket with a purple and white stripe pattern. There is a total of seven pillows on it. The two main pillow are medium sized with silky purple covers. Another set of pillows are about the same size. These pillows have purple and white stripes. There is also a set of two round small pillows those pillows are plain purple with little fringes on the circumference of the pillow.

    The last pillow is a long shaped pillow that has purple and white stripes. Above the bed on the wall are four pictures. The four pictures all form one big picture. Its like they got one big picture and cut it into four different pieces. the pictures are evenly spread out from each other but directly in the middle of the wall. The main picture is a painting of purple colored daisies. Overhead on the ceiling is a long, thin and sparkly cloth that swirls over the bed. To the right of the bed is another cabinet just like the one to the left of the bed. Its white with purple handles.

    On top of the cabinet is another lamp also like the previous one. Its base is white and the shade or cover, however you want to call it, is purple with small purple jewel fringes. Above the cabinet, on the wall, is a candle holder just like the last one. On top of the candle holder are three small candles. The candle to the left is purple. The candle in the middle is lavender and the candle on the right is white. To the right of cabinet is the corner is my dresser. My dresser is large and it is of a white color. The dresser has 6 separate drawers. Each of the handles on the drawers are painted purple.

    On top of the dresser I put a long violet cloth that runs through the middle of the dresser. I put the cloth there so that when I put something heavy or edgy on top, it won’t scratch or harm the wood of the dresser. To the left, on the drawer I have a jewelry stand. This jewelry stand is violet and it looks like a tree with branches stretching out. In the middle of the dresser I put a small black jewelry box. This jewelry box was given to me by my grandma on my 6th birthday. I have kept it with me ever since. When opened, the jewelry box plays a soothing tune while a ballerina in the middle twirls and spins around.

    Inside of the box I have rings and delicate necklaces. To the right of the box there is single, large, sparkly purple candle. To the right of my drawer is my computer desk. The computer desk is white. It has four drawers. Just like my cabinet and dresser, the drawer handles are also painted purple. All the handles of all the drawers are painted purple because i wanted my whole room to match. The top drawer is long, its where I keep discs and hard drives. To the right of that drawer are the other three of the drawers. Inside those drawers are where I keep notebooks, folders, old homework and other important papers of mine.

    On top of the desk is my laptop in the middle. My laptop has a purple and white stripped cover. To the far upper right corner of the desk I have a pencil holder which I use to hold all my writing utensils. To the far upper left hand corner I have a small lamp. The lamp has a paisley pattern on the shade of the lamp. The base of the lamp is purple. Overhead, on the wall in front of the desk I have a medium sized memo board and a medium sized whiteboard next to each other to keep me reminded of homework that I have due, upcoming doctor appointments, and other important things.

    My computer chair is a purple with black wheelie chair. The chair has cushioning on the back rest and on the seat. On the back rest it has like a squared pattern and where each of the corners of the squares meet there are little silver diamond like rhinestones. Under the computer desk is my little trash bin. My trash bin is purple with a white rim on top. In my room I also have two large rugs. The rugs are purple and fluffy. One of them is placed right in the middle of the room and the other is placed beside my bed, next to where i keep my slippers.

    In the middle of my room, on the ceiling, there is a white fan. Like I said in the beginning , an artist creates or models their rooms to their likes and to go with their personalities. I myself am an artist who has created my room to be extremely color organized. I set up my room to where everything in there is mostly just three colors and everything matches. I designed a room where anyone could walk in it and be able to describe what kind of person I am, what I like and what my personality is. My room is an artwork created by me.

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