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Essays About The Red Room

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The Red Room by HG Wells with The Signalman by Charles Dickens Essay

The to stories that I’m going to compare are “The Red Room” by H. G. Wells and “The Signalman” by Charles Dickens. “The Red Room” was written in the pre 20th century and “The Signalman” was written earlier. Both stories are of a gothic genre. The authors try to keep the reader gripped until the…

A comparison and analysis of The Red Room, The Monkye’s Paw and the Signalman Essay

This essay will compare and analyse the Red Room, The Monkey’s Paw and the Signalman and will look at how each author build up tension and suspense. We are exposed to graphic imagery everyday in books, films etc and so is a common thing to us but people in the pre 20th century who were…

The Red Room by HG Wells Analysis Essay

My essay will be about how Wells can create and sustain horror in his story ‘The Red Room’. I will be paying close attention to how he makes the reader feel, by looking at the language and techniques he uses. The story is a Victorian gothic horror/ghost story written in the year 1896. The first…



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Compare ‘The Red Room’ by HG Wells and ‘The Darkness under the Stairs’ by Lance Salway Essay

The main purpose of any ghost story is to scare the reader. There are many techniques used to accomplish this in both ‘The Darkness under the Stairs’ and ‘The Red Room’. In this essay I will compare the ways in which the two writers create suspense and focus on how they communicate fear. Their stories…

Compare and contrast ‘The Darkness Out There’ by Penelope Lively and ‘The Red Room’ by H G Wells Essay

Story 1 Story 1 is about teenagers in a club who go around helping old people. The club is called the Good Neighbours’ Club. There is a girl called Sandra. Pat asked her to go to Mrs. Rutter’s house to help out. Mrs. Rutter lived in Packer’s End. Packer’s End is a place where you…

A comparison of ‘The Whole Town Sleeping’ by Ray Bradbury and ‘The Red Room’ by HG Wells Essay

Fear is the primary focus in both ‘The Whole Town Sleeping’ and ‘The Red Room’. It revolves around the central character in each story and is used to help you empathise with the characters and what they are experiencing. The purpose of both stories, however, is not just to make you afraid but to make…

Both the Phantom Coach and the Red Room are Victorian ghost stories Essay

During the Victorian era, there was much scientific discovery and scientific explanations more importantly. People felt that everything had a scientific explanation. The idea of something that could not be explained with good logic or understanding came across as frightening which is a key motive for horror; the unexplainable. Because a great amount of the…

How ‘The red room’ by HG Wells and ‘The farthing house’ by Susan Hill to a certain degree are typical of the horror, ghost story genre Essay

The Red Room is a traditional gothic story, which in Victorian times would have been very popular with the readers. The author H.G Wells creates suspense in an unusual way rather than describe fear in to the readers mind with the use of long silences which have been known to work, the author develops the…

Compare the Red Room and Farthing House looking particularly at the ways in which they build tension Essay

The Red Room and Farthing House are both ghost stories which use the setting of unfamiliar places, The Red Room in a castle, and Farthing House in a residential nursing home for the elderly, to introduce their concept of a ghost. While The Red Room was written in an earlier period, Farthing House is more…

‘The Ostler’, ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ and ‘The Red Room’ Essay

I have chosen the following three stories ‘The Ostler’ written by Wilkie Collins, ‘The Old Nurse’s Story’ written by Elizabeth Gaskell and ‘The Red Room’ written by H. G. Wells. All these stories are taken from the 19th century collection of mystery stories. In this, I will be discussing how the author holds the audience’s…

The Red Room and A Vendetta Essay

Compare and contrast how the language and techniques used create characters, atmosphere and setting in The Red Room and A Vendetta In this essay, I will compare and contrast two stories; The Red Room by H. G. Wells, and A Vendetta by Guy De Maupassant. Both of these authors use confusion and contrast, in both…

H.G. Wells and The Red Room, Conan Doyle and The Clubfooted Grocer Analysis Essay

Plan: Introduction to the collection of poems Similarities and differences between this poem and original fairytale Imagery – how has Duffy used the words used to create pictures in the reader’s head? Syntax – word order. Why has she written sentences the way she has? Emphasis on a particular word. Structure – length of stanzas…

Two Good Ghost Stories: “The Red Room” and “The Demon Lover” Essay

A good ghost story depends upon the creation of atmosphere and the build up of suspense. Show how these two ingredients are important in at least two ghost stories Ghost stories are popular with people because we enjoy being frightened. This feeling is created by the build of suspense and tension in the stories, making…

‘The Red Room’ written by H.G.Wells and ‘The Whole Town’s Sleeping’ by Ray Bradbury Essay

‘The Red Room’ written by H. G. Wells and ‘The Whole Town’s Sleeping’ by Ray Bradbury are two stories that try to build up fear in their readers. Each story attempts to create and exploit the sense of fear in various ways to sustain the reader’s interest. ‘The Red Room’ was written in 1896. Wells…

H.G. Wells and The Red Room by Conan Doyle and The Clubfooted Grocer Essay

For both stories that I have selected H. G. Wells and The Red Room, Conan Doyle and The Clubfooted Grocer each writer has used plenty of different techniques to create tension and suspense. Each of the techniques holds their own importance in the role of creating tension and suspense. Language, context gothic influences, withheld information…

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