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Sons and Lovers

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The Mystery Flu

Sons and Lovers

Words: 1250 (5 pages)

The day is over, you are driving home. You tune in your radio. You hear a little blurb about a little village in India where some villagers have died suddenly, strangely, of a flu that has never been seen before. It’s not influenza, but three or four people are dead, and it’s kind of interesting,…

The Second Son Of Donald And Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King Was Born On 19 Essay


Sons and Lovers

Words: 472 (2 pages)

Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland, Maine. After his parents’ separation when he was a toddler, he and his older brother David were raised by their mother. They lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Stephen’s father’s side of the family lived. Later, they moved to Stratford, Connecticut, where Stephen spent most of his childhood….

In the morning, she went in to check on her son as usual Essay

Sons and Lovers

Words: 883 (4 pages)

In the morning, she went in to check on her son as usual. She knocked gently and pushed the door open. The morning light was obscured by the half-drawn blind. She stood for a moment, looking around the boy’s room in the dimness. She pulled on the blind and sunlight engulfed the room. She looked…

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Analysis of Relations in “Sons and Lovers”

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