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The Pros and Cons on the Reagan Doctrine and Its Effects on Communism and the Cold War




Pros and cons

Words: 870 (4 pages)

Ronald Wilson Reagan was inaugurated as the 40‘“ United States president in 1981, He served two terms. During the Reagan administration, the United States was involved in a state of political and military tension with Russia, known then as the Soviet Union. The USA and the USSR were the world‘s strongest nations at the time….

The Pros and Cons of Forming an Alliance



Pros and cons


Words: 981 (4 pages)

Athens and Sparta, both Greek city-states were not always in a state of peace as one might believe, they were in a constant state of combat, however one event will forever turn this around. Many early nations are broken up into independent states, who see themselves as separate from each other even though they may…

The Pros and Cons of Modernization to Society



Pros and cons


Words: 1556 (7 pages)

The modern world and their development owe a lot to Europe foe they played a significant role in the process of formation that led to the new modern societies. Modernity developed from the 18‘“ century and began from a group of key thinker in Europe who recognized the need to enlighten the world and reorganize…

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