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BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Two explosions rocked western Baghdad’s al-Shu’lah neighborhood near a Shiite Muslim mosque on Sunday, killing at least 15 people and wounding at least 57, Iraqi police said. The first blast was triggered near the mosque — and when people gathered near the scene, a suicide car bomber drove into the crowd…



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The Java platform includes an extensive class library so that programmers can use already existing classes, as it is, create subclasses to modify existing classes, or implement interfaces to augment the capabilities of classes. Both classes and interfaces contain data members (fields) and functions (methods), but there are major differences. In a class, fields may…

Parts of Library Essay (346 words)


Words: 346 (2 pages)

The library is composed of several sections: Acquisition Section, Cataloging Section, Circulation Section, Multimedia or I. T. Section, Reference Section, and Periodicals Section. If you’ve been too library, you’ll realize that it was divided into several sections. These sections can help readers find what they’re looking for in the library. They also keep everything organized…

Les Misérables. Victor Hugo. New York: Modern Library Essay


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Les Misérables is a novel written by Victor Hugo, a well-known writer. It was first published during the early 1860s, in France, yet its popularity still remains strong. Although this work of fiction speaks of the Paris uprising hundreds of years ago, the theme of good and evil, laws and beliefs in the novel is…

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