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Fractal Geometry (1425 words) Essay


Words: 1297 (6 pages)

Fractal Geometry?Fractal Geometry is not just a chapter of mathematics, but one thathelps everyman to see the same old world differently”. – Benoit MandelbrotThe world of mathematics usually tends to be thought of as abstract. Complex and imaginary numbers, real numbers, logarithms, functions, some tangible and others imperceivable. But these abstract numbers, simply symbols that…

Fractal Geometry (585 words) Essay


Words: 584 (3 pages)

Fractal GeometryFractal GeometryFractal geometry is a branch of mathematics having to do with fractals. Fractals are geometric figures, just like rectangles, circles and squares, but fractals have special properties that those figures do not have. In geometry two figures are similar if their corresponding angles are congruent in measure. Fractals are self-similar meaning that at…

Fractal Geometry Essay (542 words)


Words: 542 (3 pages)

Fractal geometry is a fascinating concept of dimension and shape. After being assigned this project I was recalled to the cookie jar that is on top of the fridge that I sought after as a child. The cookie jar features an image of a chef reaching into a cookie jar that featured the same repeating…

Charts And Graph Essay (199 words)




Words: 912 (4 pages)

The vertices and edges interfering the vertices shape a chart. The investigation of a graph is done by graph hypothesis A mathematical structure that shows pairwise relations between the articles in arithmetic and software engineering. A graph in such a situation consist of vertices, hubs and focuses linked with edges, bends, and lines. Aimless charts…

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