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Endocrine System

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Endocrine System Physiology (1273 words)

Endocrine System

Words: 1273 (6 pages)

The endocrine system is the second greatest control system of the body and has many effects on the tissues and organs. The thyroid gland, which is a part of the endocrine system, releases a hormone that maintains metabolism. This hormone is thyroxine. Thyroxine production is controlled by thyroid stimulating hormone, which is released by the…

Exercise 4: Endocrine System Physiology Essay

Endocrine System

Words: 1097 (5 pages)

Hormones and Metabolism Activity 1: Determining the Baseline Metabolic Rates 1. Which rat had the fastest baseline metabolic rate? Normal rate 2. Why did the metabolic rates differ? Because of the different organs that were removed from the two other rats that would produce certain hormones 3. If an animal has been thyroidectomized, what hormone(s)…

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