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The Aztec People


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The Aztec people ruled from the Gulf of Mexico to present day Guatemala. There capital city was Tenochititlan. The greatest controlling force was religion. It was shown in their architecture and sculpture. They also had writing, numbers and a calendar. They had recorded dates for religious holidays. The children were taught respect, courtesy, truthfulness and…

Aztec Empire Essay (3287 words)




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The Aztec Empire was a Native American state that ruled much of what is now Mexico from about 1427 until 1521, when the empire was conquered by the Spaniards. The empire represented the highest point in the development of the rich Aztec civilization that had begun more than a century earlier. At the height of…

Aztecs (430 words) Essay


Words: 421 (2 pages)

AztecsThe Aztecs were a group of Native Americans that dominated Mesoamerica from Mexico and Guatemala to the territories of Salvador and Honduras in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries for almost one hundred years. This was at the same time as the Inca Empire in Peru. The Aztec empire was made up of the native people…

Aztecs (1473 words) Essay


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AztecsThe AztecsAround 1168 AD, a Nahua tribe called the Aztecs left their mysterious homeland known as Aztl?n and migrated south to Central Valley. At first the Aztecs were practically enslaved by the other Nahua tribe, but they continued to struggle for power. By the 1300’s the Aztecs had founded two different settlements on Islands in…

Aztec (350 words) Essay



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The difference between primary and secondary sourcing is very simple. A primary source is someone who personally witnessed the action or event that?s being reported. Secondary sourcing can be a number of things but a good example in the story would be the King?s interpretation of the Aztec people/land from Cortez?s letter. Or further than…

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