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Achilles The Hero Essay (702 words)


Words: 702 (3 pages)

I have chosen Achilles to write my paper on because his character is the central story line in the Iliad. Although it may seem that the main theme is about the totality and gruesomeness of when the poem is first read, this is not the main focus. The actual fighting and Trojan War could be…

Achilles Essay Rough Draft (163 words)


Words: 1831 (8 pages)

A hero is distinguished as a character known for his bravery or noble qualities. Homer’s “The Iliad” consists of many heroes, but Achilles, the great warrior of Achaeans, can not be considered as one of these heroes. Although Achilles is a major factor in helping the Achaeans invade Troy, all his actions are either from…

Agamemnon’S Apology To Achilles Essay


Words: 1027 (5 pages)

From the very beginning of the poem, the character Achilles is one of the major foci of the story. His actions of lack of actions have enormous effects upon how the plot unfolds. Starting with the fight with Agamemnon and his withdrawal from the battle, to the death of Patroklos, and finally to the slaying…

Achilles vs Hector Essay (834 words)


Words: 834 (4 pages)

An Essay on Comparison: Achilles and Hector Achilles and Hector are the main characters of the worldwide famous “Iliad” by Homer. They are completely different, but at the same time, we can find a lot of similarities between them. So what do these characters have in common and what varies between them? Similarities First of…

Achilles Anophtheis Essay (3468 words)


Words: 3468 (14 pages)

Achilles Anophtheis Achilles revisited The director walked onto the stage, gingerly adjusting his radiation mask in order to fit the microphone beneath it. His nervous cough boomed through the hall. After shuffling the papers on the podium before him, he began. Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the Pre-Apocalypse Archaeological Society. We have called this session…

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