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Competencies Essay

In this assignment, I will evaluate and define my six competencies that will allow me to discuss my personal strengths and weakness through competencies. I would like to start this assignment with stated fact from Mintzberg (2013, P.44) that managing combines all skills like doing, leading, thinking, deciding and more, together that does not apply individually, if we talk about managers specifically than with all these skills above, a manager should be able to mater these skills to fulfill the job requirements. But the question is, does the managers has the skills to fulfill it? Mintzberg stated on his own theory which managing can be defined on three main aspects: information, people and action. Starting with the information aspect, on the manager’s side, communication and control factors must be fundamental to them, on people’s aspect. Manager should be able to take leadership and link; and lastly for the action aspect, a good manager should express his do and deal skills. These methods should help and support to manage something well. The major questions that organizations looking for in interviews from potential employers are these main factors below:
A leader is someone who guides or inspirers others within an organization or community to achieve something like goals or aims. Leadership relies tangible factors like trust, attitude, inspiration, personal character and decision-making. (Chapman). A fair good leader takes all the team’s responsibility by incorporating experience and competencies of themselves and working through coaching. Also creating environment that backs up focus of the organization. Majority of leaders are defining as a role models who lead by examples and often realize the feelings of their own must put on side to make critical decisions for the beneficial purposes for the team or organization. Leadership can be explained as removing the institutional roadblocks and empower employees. In theory, the ideal scene is for leader to have flexibility that is infinite or being able to adapt your leadership according to any situation. However, leader is sometimes limited by policies and procedures. From my experience leadership is good for me, because I can feel that it’s my field where I can express my opinions and views. More often it’s a good feeling to be confident know what you are doing and empower the people around you. I was lucky to experience in leadership at the team assignment, our aim was to create a game where I was the top head of the team, and my focus was to ensure teams: performance, time management and confident in team. But when the problem occur it was bit stressful to manage with time management and people’s attendance on meetings. I learned that they are different role and responsibilities that I can and can’t do, for example for creating a productive culture in organization, according to Hersey and Blanchard (1998), There are three areas that apply for effective leadership: Technical skills that applies clinical expertise and knowledge as it pertains to nursing, human skills with ability to judge people in work, conceptual skills having ability to understand and have a general view of the organization, also figure out how and where are the strengths of management fits into the whole organization (Cherry, Jacob 2011).

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Professor Warren G. Bennis stated that “Leader are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.” This defines how leaders inspires managers to do the right thing, so leaders express their vision and managers crafting them. The term leadership’ can express to mind a selection of images like: A political leader, passionate, pursuing with personal cause. An explorer, finding right path through the jungle for rest of his followers in group. An executive, who developing company’s strategy to beat and put behind the competition. (Mindtools 2017)
The definition of team work is often sees by others as group of people working towards on specific common goal. This view is displayed by employers who view team work as a group of employees working towards achieving something within organization for increasing revenue for example. Teamwork applies hand fosters on relationships and supports on increasing efficiency level for the organization. Team-work connects on the management on the concept as Dainty et al., 1997 stated “thepossible reason for lack of clarity when attempting to define empowerment is the tendency for empowerment to be attached to management concepts, for example, business process re-engineering (BPR) and Total Quality Management (TQM).”
In business organization, there are certain different types of team that are; formal teams, informal teams, self-managing teams and virtual teams. Formal teams are defined by themanagersto give right shapes to organization structures and deliver them specific goals to perform, in formal teamwe are forming in two types and they are vertical team and horizontal teams. Informal teams are one of the most important assets for the organizations, they are developing day-to-day activities and bring people together in contact and identify their common interest, however informal team sometime conflict with management in the organization when they analyze that they are not treated fair in the organization and they join to express their common issue faced by them.

Self-Managing team are the teams which tasks are complete by them without any close supervision. All the member in the teams has the skills and degree of autonomy of how and what to do with the work. Virtual teams are the popular one in every organization because in every virtual team they are separated in different nation and use unique technology to communicatetheir goal and the time. As I was researching the resources in internet I come up with some interesting tips of team building that can be very useful, I would starting by forming teams that solve real work issues, to improve real work processes. Best method is to provide training in the systematic methods so the teams consumes the energy on the project. Second one would be to build fun shared occasions in the organization’s agenda. Trying to make lunches together as a group can be entertaining and beneficial to get to know each other and build trust for example, also coordinate shared work processes that can lead to examining if team members are not getting along, than you can analyze the issue and fix them together as a team. Take the team to sporting events, holds a sponsor dinner and hold a monthly company meeting. Doing this on daily basis will guarantee a high increase on team performance. (thebalance, 2016) “You will not build teamwork by retreating as a group for a couple of days each year. Think of team building you do every single day”Citated by Susan M. Heathfield. Taking care of hard issues included above and few of the activities, will allow you to see a movement of positive progress of creating teamwork culture, a culture that allows individuals to contribute more than they ever possible thought off. (thebalance, 2016)

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The fact of life is conflict in the workplace. Crafting a work in environment that enable people to thrive is important, because people often try to accomplish their goals and needs. Unfortunately, conflicts are inevitable, differences in people cannot be classed as a bad thing, however the attitudes play a big role because it can arise and the situation becomes negative. By having a competitive attitude in the workplace is defined as a strong good attribute. That’s one of the forces that drives some individuals in to maximum efficiency. Also having a desire to excel and achieve are the traits that employers looking for, so then it can lead to growth and possible high revenue. Majority of companies also creates competition among employees to reach quotas. But creating these competition between the employees can display unfriendly atmosphere in the workplace and tension to succeed and win is high, people feels bruised, unsatisfied and resentful. Collaborating with people and try meet people with my similar needs, that’s the people I have found and more pleasant to work with, because it’s the need and personality that makes me want to work with them. I have experience when some people tend to increase the negative attitude and create huge problem in organization, however I also met individuals who are willing to compromise and understand the situation. Because they knew if you want to accomplish your needs, resolving this conflict is the only solution. These tactics that comes from compromise like; vagueness, conciliation, and concession, when there is an equal strength and connection between employers then deadline must be done and individuals have no choice but to give it another compromise for their own future.

Communication Skills
To be able communicate effectively on a professional level is vital in most, if not all, on the career pathway. This statements deliver some important questions like; Do potential employers really focus about applicant’s communication skills? How will I develop my communication skills in my own career? How the college or university taught me how to communicate professionally? If I will reach the potential to communicate in professional manner now, then I know it will be very beneficiary in my career and it will be very useful in the future. As we know my mother language is not English, therefore its more challenging to communicate with academic English and be able to use my confidence when it comes to interviews and business meetings in organizations, to tackle my weaknesses such as fast pace talk, lack of confidence and stress. The best method is to practice and read some learning materials that University offers. That I believe can be very supportive once I graduate and be prepared for the real world. By my research on communication, I come up with interesting material where Susan Adams and Kyle Weins wrote articles on the importance of using a correct grammar in the workplace. Each articles deliver numerous compelling reason why practicing good grammas is useful. Susan Adam’s article first reason was how people would view other people that uses bad grammar. She displays how someone’s image can be damaged upon their speech habits. Secondly, she shows how poor grammar can define manager’s view on employee’s as unorganized and unable to perform advanced tasks. Finally, Susan brings out that if someone has bad speaking habits, that could lead to not having a firm gasps on the subject they are speaking about (Adams)
The definition of organization performance relates to the past, present and future oriented performance in an organization, thus the performance in the organization includes the output focus against the intended outputs (Goals and Objectives). For the manager’s role is all about ensuring the performance is maintained with the goals and objectives attained. In necessary steps to ensure that the work (outputs) of an organization also also analyzed and focused for the overall objective or mission. Different type of managers like organizational one sets and project target that are designed for the aims and achievements in the organization. That comes to my past where I experience lack of performance in my team where one of the members was lazy to work on his task, therefore my goal was to finish it on time. So, I have tried my best to boost him up but inspiring him with ideas and methods how overcome the laziness. That gave me another attribute to my career: Inspire to achieve. Come in back to performance in organization, majority of performance targets are or comparison from the past performance achievement. For performance target to be attained, it must be achievable and realistic. Mann (2002) suggested that the key to long term success is having a strong communication asset with a clear vision, mission and strategy. Target aims must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound with acronym called; SMART. Performance indicators are the tools machine where organizations measure how well employers perform relation their goals and objectives, thus it also offers understanding on stakeholder management.

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Decision Making
Thinking in critical way and making decisions are important assets of today’s business environment. It is very important how the decision-making process works and the steps involved. These nine steps of the decision-making process will help you to support your decisions: identify problem, setting goals and objectives, defining criteria, evaluating the effect of the problem, analyze the cause of the problem, framing alternatives, evaluating impacts of the alternatives, making the actual decision, implement the decision and measure the impacts. (Decision, 2007). By using these methods and tools in making critical decision in business, an individual can ensure that the decisions based on these nine steps will be successful as possible. In this paper, I will examine how decision process can be followed using interesting tools and techniques to make potential business successful. The paper will also discuss how these tools and techniques could have been used to make difference, yet still potential successful decisions.

The technique that has been stated above giving us an outline of achieving the company’s goal to identifying problems, how to fix them and implement them. The matrix criteria were the tool to identify the problems, also matrix asset provided simple way of prioritizing, organizing and sorting the issues into categories, deemed critical and non-critical. Where each of them was urgent or non-urgent. This was also controlled way of making and deciding what was the problem, because you had all the the information to start making efficient decisions. This technique helped to control the criticality of the issues, from defining the problem to evaluating the decision process with analyzing at many matrixes faced in the store. Next, decision making worksheet helps to ensure of using critical thinking throughout the entire process, from enclosing the problem to making the decision to evaluation decision. In my experience on decision making we came up with a decision to fix a problem, by stimulate the visual graph to examine different metrics of how our choices affected sales in my company where I used to work, also workers, the cost and the company. And whether the decisions would a win or loss. With this technique, we could visually analyze if these outcomes to our decisions and gives us more experience upon future’s decision methods.
All these techniques in the following decision-making steps including measuring the impact are always very easy to forget, so it is very important of ensuring the decisions are effective and if it was not. Having a critical understanding why the decision was not effective and re-evaluate the alternatives. And the next upcoming issues that comes to us will help us identify what was missed and over analyze them, so the problem can be fixed on time.

In this section I evaluate all these competencies that was discussed and defined above on my personal view and how can I use these methods and analyze my strengths and weaknesses for my future career path.

Firstly, let’s start with the leadership, in my career path at the moment I have been experience in college and University a leadership role, where my main aims were to create a game with a team of full creative people the reason I have taken the role is that I felt I was the most confident person to talk, decide and control the deadline of the assignment, and ensuring the performance of the team. Come in back to decision methods, as a team we had several choices to choose from, but I knew all the decisions were very critical so I decided it as a team where the next step going to be, whether we chose programming method first or designing method. I learned that as leader, you need consider all in a team because it’s not all about being leader and don’t listen your member’s opinions and ideas. Because one man can’t do nothing, with a team you can do amazing things and we did we chose our roles and we went to work. When we occur a problem or issue in the process of creating a game, the stress and confusion came to us, therefore as a leader my responsibility was to control the situation and decrease the heat in the air Because I felt there are upcoming conflicts between the two members, so my aim was to listen their opinions on what is going on and evaluate the situation, as I listened their problems and opinions in the conflict, I tend to illustrate a very quick compromise for both because we had no time for problems and conflict. Because time was ticking for the deadline, in couple of hours we made a compromise on increasing the performance in class than rather on homework’s due of personal needs and traits. One of the reason I took leadership as well was I had the confidence to communicate quick, but my professional communication attribute wasn’t that perfect as it should be satisfying for promote our game to class, therefore I realized I have weakness in the communication method.

A few weakness I need to improve is: increased stress while on pressure, decision making on time, time management and boost my confidence. My plan on improving these assets will be to take extra sessions with books and do some research on leadership style and focus on team than rather based on my own profile, additionally join some clubs or teams where I can experience these assets and evaluate them for future scenarios. If I follow these inspirational paths and careers tips and consumed my weakness to strengths then I strongly believe it will lead me to positive future, for the next year of my final graduation.
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KayGreasley,AlanBryman,Andrew Dainty,Andrew PriceRobbySoetanto,Nicola King, (1997 – 2007) “Employee perceptions of empowerment”,Employee Relations, Vol. 27 Issue: 4, pp.354-368,https://doi.org/10.1108/01425450510605697
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TheBalance, (2016) How to Build a Teamwork Culture, Retrieved Access Date: 06/07/2017 from:https://www.thebalance.com/how-to-build-a-teamwork-culture-1918509

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Competencies Essay

In this assignment, I will evaluate and define my six competencies that will allow me to discuss my personal strengths and weakness through competencies. I would like to start this assignment with stated fact from Mintzberg (2013, P.44) that managing combines all skills like doing, leading, thinking, deciding and more, together that does not apply individually, if we talk about managers specifically than with all these skills above, a manager should be able to mater these ski

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