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Galileo’s Legacy


Words: 700 (3 pages)

Galileo’s LegacyIn papal Rome in the early 16th century the “Good Book” was the reference book for all scientists. If a theory was supported in its holy pages, or at the very least not contradicted, then the idea had a chance of find acceptance outside the laboratory. Likewise, no theory no matter how well documented…

Edouard Manet: A Rebel in Art

Biography Essay

Words: 2096 (9 pages)

Biography Édouard Manet (1832-1883), French painter and graphic artist, with his art anticipated the emergence of impressionism and became one of its founders. Practically during all his biography, Manet’s creativity is faced with opposition and difficulties. His father was the head of the department of the Ministry of Justice and was preparing his son for…

French Painter and Sculptor: Camille Pissarro

Biography Essay

Words: 158 (1 page)

Biography Edgar (Hilaire-Germain) Degas (1834–1917) French painter and sculptor, born in Paris. From a prosperous mercantile family, he studied with Louis Lamothe, a follower of Ingres and although at first he seemed likely to become an academic painter, he developed into one of the great innovators of his time after coming to know Manet and his…

Context is all Essay (630 words)


Words: 630 (3 pages)

 Simply, there will be always different opinions of people about everything and depending on the time and the place you are it will be the kind of truth you are going to obtain. Let’s get an example of religion vs. physics. If we get as an example the creation of man, religion and the science…

Three Dante Notes Essay (2051 words)


Words: 2051 (9 pages)

In Guido delle Colonne’s canzone beginning ” Amor, ke lungamentem’ a’ menato ” occur the lines :ahi quanto e dura cosa al cor dolentestar quetamente e non far dimostranzaDante knew and liked this poem : he refers to it twice, with approbation, in the De vulgari eloquential It is then highly probable that Guido’s phrase…

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