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Join us at the CCCA as Dominique Medici Instructs: “Alla Prima Portrait Painting”
A 3-day Workshop at CCCA Gallery, Friday, July 31 – Sunday, August 2, 2015

Do you love painting from life and connecting with what is directly in front you? Do you enjoy the challenge of trying to get a convincing likeness, fresh look and beautiful painting before the day is finished? If so, please come and join us for this 3 day portrait painting workshop!

Alla Prima or Direct Painting is a technique in which the drawing, tone, color, edge and brush strokes happen simultaneously. The painting is worked “wet into wet” and typically finished in one session. Great Masters of the past like Velasquez, Sargent and Zorn worked this way. It is a thrilling practice with endless scope for expression.

Dominique will demonstrate and give individual instruction each day. “I will also be painting with the class,” she says, “because I feel it is a valuable teaching method. “A picture is worth a thousand words”! Each day we will use the same model but paint a different pose. This will sharpen our observation and sensitivity to the model’s unique likeness, qualities and give us a greater 3 dimensional appreciation of form. My goal is that each of you will walk away from this workshop with confidence and a clear understanding of how to approach a subject with the Alla Prima technique.”


“ROOSTERS & PEARS” A show featuring artworks in all media!

Design and Illustration Above © by Arlene Boehm.

Exhibition Dates:
August 1 – Sept. 26, 2015
CCCA Gallery
209 Warren Street Hudson, NY

Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 1,
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
CCCA Gallery
209 Warren Street Hudson, NY

Meet Our Juror! Karen Hummel is a former art educator and Art Department Chair. After 33 years, she stepped away to pursue her own artistic journey. She also served as Gallery Director, Vice President, and President of the Columbia County Council on the Arts. Karen has embraced and is inspired by the Hudson Valley, having grown up in the southern part of this beautiful region. She works in a wide variety of media and subject matter, mostly focusing on and inspired by the natural world, particularly regional landscapes, botanicals, and livestock. She maintains a studio in her Columbia County home.

Participating Artists: Fern Apfel, Arlene Boehm, Keith Batten, Gerald Cooley, Julia Fingar, J.P. Gontier, Laura Garramone, Robin Guthridge, Fran Heaney, Maj Kalfus, Peter Keitel, Scott Keidong, Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, Joan Levitt, Myra Lobel, Cynthia Mulvaney, Dan McCormack, Dan Marcus, Andrew Pellettieri, Judy Reynolds, Julia Johnson Rothenberg, Trudi Roth, Lori Rothstein, Burt Schoenfeld, Jody Schoenfeld, Michelle Shaw, Bill Shaughnasey, Cecelia Sinclair, Ken Tannenbaum, Roz Tobias, Robert Whelan and Steve Wildermuth.

For further information, please call 518-671-6213 or email:

Come Visit Our Newest CCCA Gallery Show:
“BODYWORKS: Cars, Trucks, Bikes & Tattoos”

Featuring the work of area artists in all mediums related to “moving vehicles” and/or “tattoos”.

Artwork above: Design ©2015 by Arlene Boehm.

Exhibition Dates:
May 30 – July 25, 2015
CCCA Gallery
209 Warren Street Hudson, NY

Juror: BILL SINCLAIR is an area photographer, author, vintage car expert and owner of antique autos. His 1950 Ford was featured on the promotional postcards for the CCCA’s “Furgary” show. He is author and illustrator of the series “Thunder Road Motor Works” and “Woodworker” books. Bill’s career was spent as a technical engineer, automotive mechanic, builder of vintage cars and a race car driver. Bill is an avid WWII historian, airplane enthusiast and memorabilia collector. We are extremely lucky to have Bill as a Board Member of the CCCA and have greatly benefited from his technical expertise in mounting displays and shows.

Participating Artists: Keith Batten, Kristy Bishop, Arlene Boehm, Ken Bovat, C. Michael Bufi, Denise B. Chandler, Gerald Cooley, John Cooley, Chris DeMarco, Olive Farrell, J. Pierre Gontier, Ron Harrington, Karen Hummel, Peter Keitel, Gretchen Kelly, Viktor Klinger, Maria Kolodziej-Zincio, Jeannie LoVullo, Dan McCormack, James Molloy, Cynthia Mulvaney, Chris Petruccio, Daniel Region, R.J. Rosegarten, Trudi Roth, Lori Rothstein, Bill Shaughnasey, Cecelia Sinclair, Paul Solovay, Doug Stalker, Sarah Sterling, Ken Tannenbaum, Scott Taylor, Richard Trachtman, Karl Volk, and Steve Wildermuth.

Please Click Here to see fun photos from our opening reception!

For further information, please call 518-671-6213 or email:

Design by Arlene Boehm

We regret that Chatham Meadows Sculpture Show is postponed for now. Please STAY TUNED to our website for further details.

For further information, please call 518-671-6213 or email:

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