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    World Literature Persuasive Essay

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    The setting of this Tragedy plays a significant role in understanding Iago’s character, because it influences his personality and the consequences of his unspeakable actions, which ultimately leads him and other characters to the point of catastrophe. The setting of stories often leads to the development and understanding of a character and what is truly inside of them. In Othello, Iago in the outside is Othello’s must trusted advisor. However, he hides an obsessive and spiteful rage against Othello, Cassio, and Desdemona; as he tries to manipulate their actions and feelings to destroy one another, for his own enjoyment.

    The rising conflict makes it doubtful what causes “honest” Iago to be this way? The setting of this Tragedy plays a significant role in understanding Iago’s character, because it influences his personality and the consequences of his unspeakable actions, which ultimately leads him and other characters to the point of catastrophe. Iago’s setting contributes to the “ancient’s” ability to control others, inner conflicts, and actions. Iago is brilliant with his understanding of human behavior, and a talent to manipulate the desires and actions of those around him, which besides makes “good” Iago both a powerful and influential figure.

    The “ancient’s” surroundings are crucial to understand his manipulative personality, as he is conveniently always around of people, not as his level of intelligence, who believe him at any situation. Iago gets Cassio drunk in the Lieutenant’s joy of his new position that as Iago says “If I can fasten one cup upon him … He’ll be as full of quarrel and offense as my young mistress dog. ” (2. 3. 49-51) to alter The Lieutenant’s conscious and lead him to loose his new position, showing also his understanding of setting as he is able to find a place and time to plot against him with no viewers.

    In other situations he lies to people like telling Othello about the handkerchief and how “good” Iago saw “Cassio wipe his beard with it. ” (3. 3. 468) knowing how to pace his speech and convince Othello of everything. The “ancient’s” ability in combination to a convenient setting where he is surrounded by trustful and ignorant people allows him symbolically to perform a puppet show throughout the play. Iago despites his situation and the other characters in the play, and enjoys making them suffer; internal conflicts, which “Good” Iago’s setting, historically, helps, develop understanding of.

    First, comes the time period of the and location of the play, Venice and mostly the island of Cyprus, during Shakespeare’s times. Unlike most characters in Shakespeare’s plays, Iago is not as rich and he confirms it when he requests Roderigo to “Put enough in your purse” (1. 1. 423) describing how he lacks to fund his plot against Cassio and Othello. However, he lives surrounded by the elite and most powerful men, in one of the wealthiest cities old Europe of that time. This setting demonstrates how Iago despites his situation as he says “I know my price and, I am worth no worse a place.

    ” (1. 1. 12) where he has to live behind other men’s shadow, ironically behind the shadows of the younger Cassio, and the Moor. “Honest” Iago’s setting plays a major role in creating his internal conflicts of pure hatred and jealousy against Othello, Cassio, and later on Desdemona as he sees them living better than him in all ways; and how it foreshadows his attempts to end it all Iago is the most unique in the play since he reserves his own personal conflicts for himself, and the setting itself is significant to understand his actions.

    It was the fact they had won the battle over against the Turks, and Cyprus was at peace again, that caused Iago to perform his villainous actions, because it is the time everyone was at most bliss and distraction where no one would see it coming. Iago uses his quick thinking to fool others like saying “O, are you well tuned now …. As honest as I am. ” (2. 1. 18-20) in a way to evade any suspects towards the “honest” man while he tries to backstab them. However, the “ancient’s” setting contributes also to his breaking point, as his plot against Othello reaches its climax.

    It is in Othello rage against Desdemona that Iago starts loosing some control of his plot, as he is threatened by Othello with death if he discovered it was all false, causing Iago to become obsessioned for control and power over others due to this stress. Necessity forces the “ancient”, in order to destroy Othello, to destroy also Roderigo, Desdemona, and ultimately himself. The setting influences Iago’s actions because it enables him to attack other characters, and ultimately destroy them all.

    One’s setting is influential to our behavior, and our actions. In most cases our will reflect from our setting. However, in Iago’s case, the joyful setting of winning over the Turks, and Othello’s marriage with Desdemona, provoked him to manipulate other characters and lead them to their doom thus it then becomes an obsession that also destroys him. To understand other people’s environment ultimately leads us to understand and predict the actions of those who live in it seeking for their inner equilibrium.

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