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    Why We Should Minimize Online Learning after the Coronavirus Pandemic

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    Distance education is in full effects as of 2020. While in a global pandemic and technological revolution, distance learning is the new regular for students and educators. This suggests online classes are more available and convenient for students everywhere. The use of online-based learning can result in fewer errors and complications. While there are some students who work better independently and through technology-based learning, distance or online education is not beneficial to students because learning away from a classroom has too many distractions, prevents teacher-students relationships, and miscommunications.

    With advancements all around the technology field, teens are more likely to have their classes online instead of in person. With this big change, students have to manage their own schedules and work time remotely from home. While not having a teacher around to monitor work comes insufficient learning. Smartphones in the education field have had negative effects on scores. It is very easy to get caught up on your phone and forget what is actually needed from you. “Pew reports that 95 percent of teens can get their hands on such a device these days” (Kurt). Kurt is saying 95 percent of teens have phones then the greater chance they are distracted by them.

    Passing time on TikTok is a regular for me, and sometimes I don’t realize that I’ve been on it as long as I have. As in classrooms everywhere many teachers have had to come up with policies regarding the use of a phone in class. Such as phone pockets, bins, and not bringing them to class at all. With these rules, teachers can’t regulate the use of phones in online courses.

    Thus being students will use their technology for cheating and distracting themselves from work. Students even admit phones can drive their focus away from their school work. “80% of students agreed that using a mobile phone in class decreases their ability to pay attention” (Technology and Student Distraction). This data conducted from a survey of Harvard students shows that students also believe phones are not beneficial to the educational process.

    A Review of Educational Research analysis of 46 studies found that strong teacher- student relationships were associated in both the short- and long-term with improvements on practically every measure schools care about: higher student academic engagement, attendance, grades, fewer disruptive behaviors and suspensions, and lower school dropout rates.” (Sparks). Concluding with this information student-teacher relationships can help students drastically all around. These relationships can also help not just in their certain class but with other classes as well. Many students could pick out a teacher who has helped them personally with their learning process.

    These students are more confident when it comes to furthering their education because of the bond created with teachers. With the use of online classes and material, there are no student-teacher relationships to build. Without a solid relationship, students can struggle and not want to learn. As online can be unengaging to lots of students. Online learning means lower grades and less effective performance and a drive for students to do well. As some students need a push from teachers to do well.

    Everyone can sit behind a screen but, not everyone can interpret information without the use of a guide helping them along the way. Engaging in person with someone physically can help students feel more comfortable and all-around effective. Having a teacher steadily at your side to aid in the learning process is more beneficial than having to email or message over the internet. Which can take hours for responses as well. With that in-person teacher relationship, students are more motivated to get that work done and achieve the unachievable.

    Also, students who have an in-person relationship with teachers can find it easier to ask questions and engage in the material. Even questions from other students can help classmates to understand the material. Therefore, in-person teacher relationships are valuable to student performance.

    Courses online can result in miscommunications more frequently than in-person courses. This is because tone and attitude are hard to distinguish through text. Think of the many times texting that someone has said something and it is interpreted completely the wrong way. This can cause confusion for both parties resulting in errors. Online communication comes along with longer response times. While online learning can take hours for some teachers to reply to your questions. You can’t proceed with your work until those questions are met. With no responses, valuable time is wasted, pushing away from the schedules students plan.

    Also, online learning can allow for mix-ups with questions and answers. With in-person communication, you can get a clear and fast response to your questions. The fast response time will aid in getting work done on time and no miscommunications. Talking is human nature and our effective way of communicating As stated in a blog by KC, “We are human beings with a need to communicate and with the instinct to talk. Having conversations teaches us many things. It teaches us to think fast, to control our reactions, and to interact with others.

    Talking also helps us get to know each other as well as ourselves better” (KeepCalling Blog). This being communication is key to developing ourselves and understanding things. Hiding away from the public in online classes can cause some real problems when talking in-person is needed. Online students won’t have the needed speaking skills as with the students in-person. Otherwise, online courses can result in poor interaction skills needed in the future.

    Even with a more advanced technological field, online classes should not become a new normal from in-person classes. With the countless distractions such as phone and other activities that drive students away from their needed learning. The limited opportunities for students to build student-teacher relationships, and the uncounted amount of miscommunications and errors that come from distance learning. Online will not aid students in finding their learning process ways.

    Otherwise, online classes are not beneficial to students unless students best learn online, but for many of us students that is not the case. Online learning should only be used when it is needed; such as now in a global pandemic or when students best learn from online material.

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