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Why I Am Blessed Essay (657 words)

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    I am blessed; I am able to wake up each day with a roof over my family’s head, and my head held high with no shame. I can’t give the glory to anyone but God my savior. My life was a mess until I invited Jesus into it. I was a high school drop out with no future ahead of me. At the age of fifteen I had a son; I thought to myself ‘Why have I been cursed? ’ I felt all alone At least that’s what I thought. I gave up on my life, education, and God all at the same time. Prayed day and night, but they seemed as they weren’t being answered.

    Things got worse in my life if you ask me. I was living from house to house, hungry and shameful. I felt as if my life was over, or cursed. I’ve been through the storms and lots of pain throughout my life; at the age of fifteen I was in the ninth grade with a child. I had no help because I pushed everyone away by being very rude, with an attitude as if the world owed me something. Eventually those things led me into dropping out of school. Feeling all alone and angry, but I couldn’t blame anyone for my mistakes.

    I made the wrong decisions in life, so I had to be punished for those actions. Soon I felt if my life was over and there was nothing that I could possible do about it. Until one day I said to myself ‘Shyla you have a son, and you must better yourself. ’ I took my own advice and begun to be a fighter for my goals. Although I didn’t have faith; I started to going to church searching for answers to my questions, which I thought were crazy at the time. Two years ago I was on the path of redemption, until I invited my Savior into my families and I lives.

    I stepped out the way, and let God provide for us because anything is possible with him. Once I learned how to have faith my prayer life got stronger and they were answered one by one. I’m not saying my life is perfect, but I am where I wasn’t two years ago. I am blessed; for he has saved me from the world, and he’s still working on me. I have gotten back on track with my education: first I have earned my high school diploma from Cornerstone Correspondence high school, which was a huge step for me. After that I enrolled in a CAN training program.

    I’ve achieved at earing my CAN licenses that I thought was very impossible for me to do so. I’m so proud of myself, for I have accomplished something for once in my life. Felt as if I couldn’t stop there, so I enrolled into Hinds Community College in Raymond, Ms. I am currently on my third semester with a 3. 7 GPA. Yes I am blessed; I have achieved at several of my educational goals within two years. I am on the rite path now and I am truly blessed, but as I said several times God gets all the glory for it.

    He is real and he is awesome. I have faith, and with faith anything is possible. I have achieved at something that makes my children proud of me. We are stable with God, a house, car, money and joy. I remember when I cried tears of sadness, but now I’m crying tears of happiness and gratefulness. ‘Yes I’m blessed; I am very blessed thanks to my sweet Jesus. ’ I will never stop praying and praising him because I know how my life used to be, and how it is now. My goals aren’t all accomplished, but I’m still on my journey to success.

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