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Web Architecture In Website Commun Persuasive Essay

Web Architecture in Website Communications Search Engines Web Spiders Before search engines tell you where a file of document is, it has to be found. To find information on hundreds of millions of Web pages, a search engine used special software robots called spiders to build lists of the words found on websites. When the list is being built by spiders, it’s called Web crawling. To build and maintain a useful list of words, a search engine’s spiders have to go through a lot of sites.

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The process is quite simple. When a sequence of words is typed into a search engine such as ‘Suffolk One’, the spider looks at a HTML page and takes note of two things; The words within the page, and where the words are found. Words in the title, subtitle, meta tags and other positions are noted for special consideration during a search by a user. Most spiders are built to ignore significant words on pages such as ‘a’. ‘an’ and the’. When the spider has built up an index of different pages, it builds a list of words and notes where they were found.

It then builds an index of these websites by creating a system of weighting. The more times a series of words is mentioned on the website, such as ‘BBC’, the website will be higher. If a website is linked from the BBC, which will also feature higher in the search than if it was linked to a less known website. After the spider has created an index it encodes the data to a save space and stores data for users to access. Metadata A metadata is a special HTML tag which provides information about a Weapon.

Metadata don’t affect how the page looks, unlike normal HTML tags. Instead, they provide information such as who created the page, how often it’s updated, what the age is about, and which keywords represent the page’s content. Boolean Boolean is a data type which has two values, usually true and false. With search engines, Boolean is used to get better search results. If ‘AND’ is in the search, it will find all the words either side of the and, for example ‘suit and ties’, and give results of both if both terms are on the site..

If ‘OR’ is in the search it will search for one of the other, for example ‘suit or ties’. There will be results for both, but they will give sites which has one or the other words on there. If ‘NOT is in the search, it will search for one term, and make sure the other word isn’t in the page. For example ‘Suits not men’s’. This will show suits for women, and any sites with men’s suits on will not show. E-commerce Buying, Selling and Marketing Customers can use e-commerce (online shopping) to buy and sell products online.

The most used e-commerce site for buying is Amazon. Amazon attracts customers by having TV adverts. Most of their adverts are for their Kindle e-reader. They also attract customers by having low costs on high street products such as CDC, DVD’s, and games. Amazon use email to attract customers. They send emails to customers showing what’s new, and what’s been a weekly best seller. They also use this email to give customers special recommendations based on what they have bought or looked at on the site. Other e-commerce sites such as eBay and play. Mom also attract customers in similar ways; by having adverts, emails, and recommendations on their site. 24/7/365 E-commerce sites run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They never go offline. This is good for e-commerce sites because people can order whenever, and wherever they like. This also means people who work hours during the day so cannot get into their local store before it closes will also be able to buy from that store Electronic Payments Customers can pay for their products online through the Internet with no hassle.

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Most websites also remember credit card information, so the next time a customer shops using that site they won’t have to type their details in again. Fewer Overheads/ Costs E-commerce sites have cheaper costs than normal high street shops because they don’t have to pay for as much rent for shops, and staffing costs will be low. They also don’t have to pay for delivery to the shops around the country/world. Customer Benefits Customers get a lot of benefits from shopping online. Most of the products are cheaper to buy which will save customers money.

They also get delivery straight to their door, which is good for people who live in remote areas, who are elderly, or people who are disabled. Killing off High Street Shops E-commerce sites are killing off high street shops. Stores like HIM and Jeepers have closed because it’s easier and cheaper for people to buy online. Customers want to mind the best price, and if they can find it cheaper online, which is also convenient because they can order it from home, they will order it online.

Privacy Issues Some customers want to know how their information is being used, and what data e- commerce sites have on them. E-commerce sites may know more about them than the customer knows, like what size underwear they have ordered, or what types of films they like. Customer Service When customers buy online, they won’t get the customer service they get if they went to a high street store. Some customers like the service they get because they can ask questions about a certain product, or get product recommendations.

Security Customers may be afraid to shop online because of security issues. They may not want to type in their credit card details because of hackers, or pushing on the site. To reassure customers, HTTPS will need to be used which will encrypt the data sent and prevent unwanted guests seeing the information. E-commerce at Work Information goes from the client PC through the ISP to the merchant’s web server. It then goes to the merchant’s database server to see if it is in stock. If the item isn’t in tock is shows similar items, and other items customers bought.

If it is in stock, it goes to the payment gateway where money is taken from the client’s bank to the merchant’s bank. Once the payment process is complete, the order goes to the warehouse, to the delivery service, and finally delivered to the client’s house. Web 2. 0 ICC – User Generated Content User generated content means no HTML needs to be typed in. The coding is set for the site, and when a user changes something like a picture or updated their status, the code changes without the user seeing it.

The user is in control, and needs no HTML expertise because the creator of the site has already done important coding to get the site up and working for users to change different settings. Social Networking Social networking sites such as Twitter and Faceable use Web 2. 0. On Faceable, Web 2. 0 allows users to change their status, change their profile picture, and change their cover photo. Twitter also allows users to send tweets, change their profile picture, change their header, and update their bio. Users can also change their background on their profile, as shown in the picture below. Blobbing Anyone can become a flogger and create a blob, which is usually public but can be private. There are tools are provided for readers to comment and contribute. Blob entries have the same format throughout, and usually have somewhere for users to comment. HTML code has already put in for this to automatically show on each blob entry. Wise (Wisped) Wise is a place where all users can contribute to information. The biggest example is Wisped which is an encyclopedia website where anyone can contribute to an article, or create a new one.

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On Wisped, the same layout follows throughout, and o all users need to do is type the information in normal text, and the website will add it in the format of all the other pages. Online Applications (Cloud Computing) Instead of buying applications and installing it onto a computer, online applications allow users to use programs on the internet. This means they’re accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. The online applications have the same layout as any software on a computer, but because it’s online it’s run using HTML. Users do not need to understand HTML to use the website because it used Web 2. 0.

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Web Architecture In Website Commun Persuasive Essay
Web Architecture in Website Communications Search Engines Web Spiders Before search engines tell you where a file of document is, it has to be found. To find information on hundreds of millions of Web pages, a search engine used special software robots called spiders to build lists of the words found on websites. When the list is being built by spiders, it's called Web crawling. To build and maintain a useful list of words, a search engine's spiders have to go through a lot
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Web Architecture In Website Commun Persuasive Essay
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