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Scott Eaton and His Sculpture Essay

Scott Eaton The artist of this paper’s five pieces of work are created and conceptualized by Scott Eaton. He is an artist and designer from the I-J and uses traditional art techniques with digital tools. What makes his work so fascinating is his knowledge of anatomy and clean use and mastery of the media. This piece is gorgeous and for it being a digital sculpt, you could hardly tell. The texturing is almost like real clay mimicking skin! It is to be acknowledged that this piece was created and rendered in only 2 days. “The digital sculpture was executed to a very tight schedule, going from start to final rendered image in two days! (Eaton ). – Something to note is that in digital media there is no gravity or real light, meaning he created his own glass, lit it himself and made the glass reflective. This was a speculative piece for the most recent Pirates movie during the preproduction phase of development. Work like this is great for establishing a baseline of what a film or game will look like. There are hundreds of people which work on huge productions now a days and they need to find ways of keeping everyone’s mind in the same kind of groove, making this a fine example of that taking place.

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The second piece is named female figure study IV, I love the neutral heavy color alter. With the presence off bit of yellow and a dark shade of blue all under this brownish grunge the piece gets a very earthy look to it. While squinting you can see that the silhouette is successful as well as the proportions and gesture is on point. All the shadows and highlights are in the right place and the flesh would feel real. The weight of the breasts and the soft dangle of the hair makes the piece soft and sensual.

Take a look at the midsection right under the (stage)right arm, the shadow shows careful observation and great knowledge of how light works. It is safe to live that Scott Eaton is a consultant on anatomy and teaches advanced classes online. If you want to know your figure you got to know Scott Eaton. If you still aren’t impressed take a look at some of these studies he has made. The accuracy of each muscle and how the skin behaves over each muscle is truly a marvel. The man has clearly been practicing and has studied his anatomy. Scott Eaton attended Princeton University as an undergraduate majoring in both engineering and art. These two majors make a fine mix of artist and designer and later got his masters at MIT Media Lab. He would later continue his art studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. ” (Eaton 1). His work shows his Italian influence. The figures he sculpts carry have a classical renaissance feel to them. As you can see in the in the photo above the man has a great understanding of anatomy as well as has a very well tuned process.

Process and evidence of process is just as important as your final piece. This is simply because as an artist you are being hired for a skill for which you will be asked use. Many people can make an amazing sculpture with time and patience, but what really sells is your ability to create and rate quickly and consistently with great results. Showing process whether it be on a blob or document will give everyone a peak into your work ethic and efficiency. In short it shows if you know what you are doing or Just happened to get lucky.

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Here is an example of Scoots process for his most recent design work for design festival in London. ” The Venus of Cupertino, my pad docking station, is Just back from a busy week at the London Design Festival. ” This piece is relevant to what was being done in class with the silicon mold and such being used. It’s also a great simple and fun design. The appealing softer shapes and edges as well as smooth color and finish makes this successful. A quote was used on Scoots website, “A stylish docking station for syncing, charging and display.

An evocative blend of ancient fertility symbolism and modern technology worship. I want one! ” (Eaton 1). The quote really says it all, this piece is an example of how multivalent this man is who’s knowledge of art history, skill with a sculpt, and a mind of a designer can create things everyone can enjoy. This is Hyphenates II, if you rant familiar with Greek mythology this mythological man was the black smith for the gods. He is described as being ugly but Zeus arranged is marriage with Aphrodite who is the goddess of love, pleasure, and beauty.

DRAMA, the poor guy had no chance and she would run off with different gods leaving him lonely and enraged. This sculpted shows great emotion and mood. A workers body with strong hands and a worn face. The details in the face are believable and the “meat” around the arms have weight and almost reveal a saggy inflexed arm which is impeccable observation. The single light source creates the drama and a peek into the soul of this poor ugly blacksmith. Works Cited Eaton, Scott. “Scott Eaton. ” Catenation. Eaton Media Ltd, n. D. Web. 24 Feb.. 2013.

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