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Artist Statement for Sculpture Essay

Adrian Sage Rachel Shaw Our tape projects shows artistic investigation in that we had to look into the aspects of this character to try and figure out how we could best represent them with what we had. We looked into the culture of the show and his character in order to do just that. As for the process, it was quite a long one. We first had to figure out the stance and position of the character that would best represent the character (oddly enough, in our case, it was his dead, which happens quite a lot to his character in the how, surprisingly) and what props/colors we would need to make his character known.

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Once we had it all planned out, we started the tape, using different parts of each person in our group. We used Drain’s limbs, lower body, stomach area, and head, and then used Earache’s upper body. We used the technique of wrapping the tape around the part needed with the sticky side out and building up until it was thick enough and very carefully cutting the tape off the person, without hurting the Truckee of the tape or the person.

Once all our pieces were all cut out, we put them all together, using even more tape. The spray painting came next. We used the spray paint to color in the pants, shirt, hair, and shoes. One of our characters signature items is his trench coat and tie that he is almost always wearing. We used the actual articles of clothing for that. Since our character is also an angel, we made angel wings out of cardboard and then spray painted those as well and attached them to he tape sculpture itself.

We did this project and used this character because, seeing as we both are big fans of the show and this specific character, it is sort of a nerdy representation of the both of us. The material and media influenced our artistic decisions because, using mainly tape, it forced us to think simply. We needed mostly the vague outline of a human figure through the tape which was time consuming and difficult in itself, and the props we needed had to be so associated with this harasser that it would be very easy to figure out who it was if the person happened to know of the show.

The intended expression or communication intended with this piece was to deep down Just accept the nerdy side of you, if you have one. And, for those who know this character, they know that he is all about being true to yourself and coming over tremendous odds, which can also hopefully be seen through our piece. I would say we were fairly successful in manifesting our vision with our sculpture. Artist Statement for Sculpture By researches

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