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    What Is Time Management? (688 words)

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    The way a person manages time effects the efficiency of their life. There are many ways that will help in time management.

    College students for example have many responsibilities. The top priority being school. Students must have time to go to class and show their best of their abilities to finish all work that needed to be done. Some students may have to fit work into their daily schedule. As Rock-Richardson describes, As an undergrad, I put my self through two solid years of full-tuition college by working as a daycare provider K (Rock-Richardson 12).

    In order to be successful at the tasks the student must eat properly and get enough sleep. The one thing that should be learned is motivation and the famous saying Never give up. If a task must be done and it is felt that there is no time, that is just the misunderstanding of time. The first step in beginning better time management is to write it into an organizer. An organizer is the most helpful notebook a student can purchase. Carol Kanar says, Your schedule is the result of the inward decision you make to control events instead of letting events control you (Kanar 93).

    For a student to remember important dates such as test dates they must be written down and observed. Major dates to remember are exam dates. There will be numerous tests and assignments during one quarter, which cannot be memorized. This organizing will help in figuring out how much study time there is before the actual date of the test. The best is to use semester or quarter calendars, weekly schedules, and daily lists are three time-honored plans that have helped thousands of students K ( Kanar 93). The feeling of organization brings a feeling of understanding.

    Goal setting is another main issue in managing time. Goal setting for grades has been proven to be very helpful. Once a goal has been set figure out the time it will take to achieve the goal. Setting priorities is a main key in making time.

    The understanding of what needs to be done and what can be done will make a big difference. If parties are number one then how is an A expected when every party is attended. Something as simple as a list can be extremely useful. Taking the time to make a list helps to clear the mind and organize thoughts rather than keeping a mess jumbled in the memory. Being realistic will prevent unwanted stress.

    Getting a weeks worth of work done in one day is very unlikely. Procrastination is a very big problem in time management. Never put anything off until the last minute or you will fall further and further behind. Dont give up on school or anything that need to be accomplished. At times things may seem impossible and overwhelming, but if organized right there will be no problems.

    When all goals have been met and everything has been completed there will be no regrets. In completing this task I learned a lot of helpful hints. The first step I took was to write it down. This way it would not be easily forgotten.

    Once written down I could determine how much time I had and what needed to be done. Other assignments were written down so I had to even out the time. I used the time wisely by searching the net for related topics. When I spotted something of importance I printed it out. After a couple of days I organized the material.

    Then I began to write from my outline. On a daily basis I have to deal with school and taking care of my physical needs. I have learned to organize, prioritize, and set goals. By being more organized I have built of more confidence in understanding my classes and a better attendance. I have set goals and will now work harder to reach them.

    I have also set aside time during the day for myself also. I have certain times for classes, studying, eating, and sleeping. All in all I have become more successful at accomplishing all that needs to be done.

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