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Theories on and Analysis of Information Management in KFC

To analyze the impact of information direction within KFC, it is necessary to understand and use assorted theories. This essay will get down by using the five force theoretical accounts established by to KFCi??s competitory place in the relevant market. This will help in finding KFCi??s influence and scheme in the market topographic point, whilst admiting the restrictions to the theory. Next the value concatenation theoretical account theorised by will measure how KFCi??s organizational construction aids in adding value to its assorted activities. Hence, these theoretical accounts determine the input of computing machine direction that is required to fulfill KFCi??s demands, in order to vie against its challengers over a long period of clip. Finally the usage of ICT within KFCi??s direction will be discussed to find the competitory advantage that is achieved and defended utilizing the Strategic push theoretical account that has been advanced by Whilst discoursing the current utilizations of information engineering within KFC, the essay will reason by proposing betterments to information direction patterns, which could add to the organisationi??s efficiency and fight.

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2. Five Forces Model

is an of import tool in analyzing an administration, such as KFC. This tool assists in measuring the profitableness of its current and future merchandises. Hence, in portion, it helps to find strategic procedures particularly in a competitory industry. The Five Forces can be summarised as follows.

i?? Competitive competitions within the market topographic point

i?? Bargaining powers of clients

i?? Bargaining powers of providers

i?? Threat of permutation

i?? Threat of new rivals come ining the industry


i??KFC is a transnational administration that provides fast nutrient to 12 million clients in 109 states. Kentucky Fried Chicken was originally founded in 1930 and changed its name in 1952. Globally, KFC is ranked amongst the top 10 fast nutrient eating houses in the universe and has a world-wide one-year turnover of $ 11 billion. Although KFC has performed inordinately good over a sustained period of clip, the franchise ranks behind McDonalds and Chicken Cottage, Burger King, which illustrates that the industry is competitive.i??

The Fast Food industry is in a competitory market particularly in the UK. KFC has legion subdivisions within the UK and the subdivision located in Southall will be analysed. Southall is located in West London and is a vivacious industrial country. KFC provide a diverse scope of merchandises runing from poulet, to salads, which increases their range in the market topographic point.

Competitive Competition:

KFC have a broad scope of ferocious rivals within this industry with the market portion being shared. KFCi??s direct challengers in Southall are McDonalds, Chicken Cottage, Burger King and The Fried and Grill. Innovation and competitory monetary values become the focal point for KFC in their scheme. However, any competition based entirely on monetary value can be unsafe in an Oligopoly market, as responses from rivals are likely to be fleet and can trip a monetary value war. There is an apprehension within the industry to non vie on monetary value.

The indirect challengers to KFC are Subway and Pizza hut. These fast nutrient subdivisions result in the demand for KFC to introduce and diversify their merchandise scope, in order to contradict the consequence that their indirect challengers have on them.

KFCi??s inventions such as the deal pail have ensured that clients are provided with diverse merchandises to distinguish them from their chief challengers. Besides, the usage of information direction systems to pass on secret formulas ( old or new ) and rational belongings rights to the Southall subdivision from central office ensures efficiency and profitableness.

Dickering powers of Customers:

The bargaining power of clients is determined by a scope of factors and besides depends on the merchandise scope.

KFCi??s clients are likely to be consumers i.e. households or persons. Customers are likely to alter penchants over addition of monetary value. Besides, since there is ferocious competition, this provides clients with picks and gives the feeling of strong bargaining power.

However, KFC is globally recognizable and face to confront interaction with clients additions trade name trueness. KFCi??s slogan i??finger creaming chickeni?? amounts up their individuality and singularity. Besides the diverse scope of merchandises means that there is a reduced range for replaceability, which weakens dickering power.

Bargaining Position of Suppliers:

KFCi??s usage of economic systems of graduated table to buy their natural stuffs increases dependence of the providers on them. Hence, providers receive a good proportion of their concern from KFC and are required to stay loyal and to offer the best possible trade to retain the fast nutrient eating house as their clients. This reduces the bargaining power of clients.

However, the competition in Southall is ferocious with limited scope of providers in the country. KFC is able to cover the bringing costs from other parts of the UK, which enables it to weaken the bargaining place of its providers in the local country. Plus, the franchise would necessitate quality natural stuffs to keep the criterion and repute of its trade name.

Menaces of new entrants:

KFC have a big market portion in Southall, which is achieved through efficient information direction of their histories, merchandises, providers and selling. This enables them to streamline their operations and to maximize their profitableness.

Besides, trade name image and selling enables KFC to increase trade name trueness amongst clients, which creates difficultly for new companies to come in the market topographic point. KFCi??s logo is protected by rational belongings rights and this prevents other companies copying or maintaining a similar name or motto. Already the market for fast nutrient is saturated, which diminishes the chances to come in the market.

All these factors minimize the hazard of new entrants come ining the market topographic point. Despite this, there are smaller companies that can come in the market and offer lower monetary values.

Menaces of Substitutes:

The replaceability from KFC merchandises to other merchandises is determined through market research, which is conducted each twelvemonth by the administration.

KFC have diversified their merchandise scope, which enables them to command the passage from one merchandise to another. This is clearly apparent from the passage from fast nutrient to more healthy nutrient i.e. the debut of salads and decrease in salt in their nutrient.

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Current tendencies suggest that clients within the UK are going more wellness witting and KFC have responded consequently by spread outing their merchandise scope.

Despite this, there remains a hazard that clients will alter from one merchandise to another i.e. from poulet to pizza, nevertheless the costs for this to happen remain high. Alternatively the menace of replacing similar merchandises remains the biggest danger, due to the high degree of competition.

3. Value Chain Model

The Value Chain Model was introduced by and is a conceptual tool used to better profitableness through strategic planning. Porter states that competition of an administration is non entirely dependent on bettering sub maps.

Value concatenation analyses the phases of a competitory scheme. This enables an administration to understand its activities and to construct each phase of the value concatenation in the most effectual manner. The value concatenation aids in understanding behaviour of costs and beginnings of distinction.

KFC market Analyze by Location

For KFC to successfully develop in the fast nutrient market, they must add value to their activities. This is achieved through improving merchandises, developing staff, looking after clients and dickering with providers. KFC creates value through procedures, which are divided into interconnected economic activities and these add value to the administration. Besides, KFC conducts other related activities like production, selling and merchandising, which creates a value concatenation. These activities assist in pull offing the administration, therefore making a concatenation.

A competitory scheme is imperative for the continued being and development of KFC, particularly within Southall, where competition is ferocious.

Southall is busy industrial country located in West London. This country is populated by 90 % of Asians and bulk are muslim. Recently KFC introduced new merchandises and services into geographic and demographic countries. The merchandise introduced by KFC randomly targets all age groups. KFC have a recognizable trade name image and the cost of their merchandises are sensible.

The administration divides into two dissimilar value activities procedure.

i?? Primary activities.

i?? Support activities.

Primary activities are concerned with production

i?? Inbound logistics

i?? Outbound logistics

i?? Operationss

i?? Marketing and gross revenues

i?? Service

The Support activities are the internal activities of the company, which includes:

i?? Firm Infrastructure

i?? Human Resource Management

i?? Technology Development

i?? Procurement

Both activities work together and add value that passes on the cost of adding the merchandise to the clients, therefore ensuing in a net income.

Primary Activities

Inbound Logisticss: The central office or the subdivision in Southall usage economic systems of graduated table and its repute to have price reductions for natural stuffs salvaging costs. Besides the location of the subdivision in Southall enables easy entree salvaging travel costs for the provider, who is likely to be located locally, capable to quality confidence. There is a direct nexus between assorted merchandises i.e. poulet and poulet Burgers, which means that the same natural stuff is used.

Outbound Logisticss: KFCi??s finished merchandise is kept in a deep-freeze, so that it can be cooked and served by staff utilizing the equipment within the subdivision. The information to cook the merchandises is provided by central offices in return for royalty payments. This links with staff preparation and unvarying substructure layout of each subdivision, which in bend justifies the monetary values that are charged to clients.

Operationss: The natural stuffs used by KFC are combined together to do the finished merchandise, which increases its value i.e. spicy poulet or combination repasts. This links with distinction and invention to supply KFC with a competitory advantage.

Selling and Gross saless: KFC have a assortment of methods for entering client penchants. The administration has an internal process, where they analyse their gross revenues figures for each merchandise over a period of clip to set up a tendency. Besides, there is an external process where market research is carried out each twelvemonth. This allows KFC to aim specific advanced merchandises to specific consumer sections through Television selling.

Service: KFC supply efficient client service to add value to the administration. This requires thorough staff preparation, development and supplying the right equipment for the subdivision in Southall. Besides, the subdivision provides a alone installation for free bringing in the country. The substructure and control from central office has to be adhered to strictly. This enables KFC more flexibleness on monetary value, based on trade name trueness, despite competition.

Cost advantage:

KFC purpose to diminish costs for their merchandises by implementing the value concatenation. This begins with the primary activity of telling natural stuffs i.e. ingredients from central offices or from local beginnings at the best monetary value possible. Since over 40 % of customers/consumers are Muslims, it is indispensable to obtain supplies from the right beginning. The secondary activity is securing the order in progress from central offices or for Halal meat provider guaranting that it complies with the Halal Food Authority demands. Besides, KFC uses technological developments to add value i.e. utilizing streamlined fabrication processes to increase net income borders.

Infrastructure of KFC: ( By interviewed )

i?? KFC vision for high quality merchandises.

i?? Highly impressive and unvarying design construction.

i?? All services under one roof.

i?? Trained & A ; qualified staff.

KFCi??s market scheme and development program. The Infrastructure of KFC is intriguing and capturing all over the universe. Ideal color strategies, enjoyable illuming mercantile establishments, comfy sitting agreement, trained staff and their proper division of work, art interior beautiful, rapid cookery procedure, particular block for childs, etc. by study

KFC Franchise primary activity Procedure: by study

KFC Franchise staff Infrastructure:

i?? Support Activities

Human Resource Management:

i??KFCi??s vision is to keep a universe category administration, which is attained through edifice people quality, making committedness and actuating administration effectivity. The function of HR is to enroll and engage operational staff. They besides provide developing for direction and operational squad by caput office. KFC enrolling process is easy and they have on-line systems, where they have all available vacancies by station, location or areai?? . ( Accessed day of the month 26-11-10 )

Technological Development:

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Many companies use engineering all over the universe to salvage cost and for procedure direction. KFC usage information system to their advantage and they have incorporated two types of systems. One is an electronic hard currency registry system, which they use for gross revenues operations and to keep day-to-day gross revenues study. The other is an i??Inventory Control System, i?? which is really good and helps the franchise to explicate their scheme. The Inventory Control System is straight integrated with KFC central offices. KFC central office received gross revenues studies on a day-to-day footing via the system.The system is called i??ARMS Systemi?? . Besides, the system has of import characteristics installed, such as hive awaying information in relation to recipes, cost of merchandises, buying direction e.t.c. KFC have a web site, where information in relation to all merchandises and their nutrition value is provided in line with a wellness witting society.


KFC central offices have a unvarying policy for all their franchises. The subdivision located in Southall is required to buy all its natural stuff, cooking ingredients and equipment from KFC approved providers. KFC bargain merchandises in majority to command buying costs and provide line from providers. KFC on a regular basis reappraisal bringing, quality and cost from their providers to increase efficiency and streamline the procedure of procurance. KFC is straight linked with their franchise and receives orders for supply of natural stuff. The franchise in Southall can put orders through Information system or by phone.

4. KFC Information System

KFC have over recent old ages adopted and changed their information system construction through streamlining their procedures and implementing amendments in line with evolving demands. KFC, as an administration have utilised their information system for different operational procedures. This assists in cut downing the cost of natural stuff and recruiting less on the job staff. All the necessary information, such as supply concatenation direction, franchises or new publicity shops is portion of the system. Besides, KFC have a comprehensive online web site, which assists in increasing concern advantage. On the web site there is information in relation to updating monetary values, latest activities, publicities, advertizements and client feedback.

Recently, the Southall franchise has upgraded their information system package to include recognition card payment installations. This increases payment method for clients and enables the administration to roll up customersi?? information. This an invention that KFC has adopted to stay competitory in the market.

Besides, Information system can be used to organize clip direction. Technology evolves each twelvemonth and new engineering involves many communicating system channels, which can be electronic or by actions.

5. Competitive Advantage


KFC have differentiated their fabrication procedure to guarantee that they retain a competitory advantage by utilizing information system and have created their ain unique demands, which is different from their chief challengers. Primary activity involves making merchandises that are alone. The strong distribution channels enable them to secure or bring forth within a short infinite of clip and for discounted rates, in conformity with quality confidence. KFC have integrated with some facets of its supply concatenation i.e. having farms within the UK, which allows the administration to command quality. This unifies produce across all the subdivisions including Southall, therefore warranting its monetary values and perceived consumer benefits. Innovation in new merchandises requires maximizing the usage of technological developments.


KFC new merchandises invention is i??Popcorn Variety Bucket Chicken, ITWIST with two spirits and All Stars Box Meal, i?? which creates an individuality that can be differentiated from their chief challengers.


KFC is the largest worldwide fast nutrient administration and runs a globally successful concern. The international growing of KFC is recognised through the location of eating houses across 100 states. KFC have 700 eating houses in UK entirely.


KFC eating houses are good renowned for offering merchandises at low-cost monetary values, which links in with efficiency and streamlining information direction. Particularly, KFC are able to offer particular trades, which provide value for money and enable the administration to vie with its challengers.

6. How can better the IMS

By analysing KFCi??s information direction systems in the context of the current market, it is clear that there is room for betterment. The selling scheme i.e. advertisement, planning and way is presently unequal to vie with the likes of McDonalds and Pizza Hut. KFC should present more promotional stuffs i.e. wages cards for clients, which has been adopted by other fast nutrient resturants. Alternatively, KFC can present vouchers or keepsakes, which consists of all customersi?? related information.

7. Decision

Overall it is clear that the five forces theoretical account, value concatenation and strategic push have been used by KFC to achieve a competitory advantage over its challengers. The theories assist in set uping the information direction demands for the administration to run expeditiously and efficaciously i.e. the usage of the ARMs system. The five forces theoretical account enables KFC to analyze its competitory place within the fast nutrient market and to explicate a competitory scheme to increase its influence in the market. It can be seen that for illustration KFC has strengthened its bargaining place with providers by incorporating with some facets of its supply concatenation. The value concatenation enables KFC to add value to its activities to warrant the monetary values it charges clients and the sensed benefits. The primary and secondary activities link with each other to supply insight into how to increase efficiency within the value concatenation. The strategic push provides an penetration into how KFC is able to distinguish itself and its procedures from its challengers to derive a competitory advantage. Reducing costs and supplying alone merchandises are the focal point for separating KFC in the fast nutrient market by using its trade name repute. Information direction systems such as effectual communicating between central offices and the franchise in Southall enable analysis of selling scheme. Besides the usage of new engineering, such as bit and pin systems have benefited the subdivision in the country of Southall, as more payment methods are covered. However, it is apparent that there is still room for betterment through utilizing vouchers and/or souvenirs to pull clients.

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Theories on and Analysis of Information Management in KFC
To analyze the impact of information direction within KFC, it is necessary to understand and use assorted theories. This essay will get down by using the five force theoretical accounts established by to KFCi??s competitory place in the relevant market. This will help in finding KFCi??s influence and scheme in the market topographic point, whilst admiting the restrictions to the theory. Next the value concatenation theoretical account theorised by will measure how KFCi??s organizational
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Theories on and Analysis of Information Management in KFC
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