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    The Use of the Scientific Method to Determine the Absorption of Bounty Paper Towels in Comparison to Bargain Brand Paper Towels

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    The main goal of the Scientific Method Lab is to help us learn how to use the scientific method to answer questions that currently have no answer or need more exploring. In this case, we used the scientific method to answer questions that we had on Bounty paper towels. We thought, If I use Bounty paper towels, then it will absorb 2x more water. We can use the scientific method to prove our hypothesis correct or incorrect based on data we collect following the scientific method and properly executing our experiment.

    In our experiment we used Bounty Paper Towels and Bargain Brand paper towels, and we used a pipette to drop water consistently onto the paper towels at a rate of one drop per second. We used a graduated cylinder to measure the amount of water remaining at any point in the experiment. By doing this experiment, we were able to learn how to properly use the Scientific Method and properly use it in real time.

    We started out this lab by gathering our materials and clearing our area, preparing for the experiment. Once we were ready to begin, we took our graduated cylinder and our water bottle and filled up the graduated cylinder with water using the water bottle to the 10 mL line. Then we took our pipette and squeezed the top reservoir to fill the pipette with water.

    The other person who is not handling the pipette takes a sheet of paper towel and holds it up for the other person to drop water onto. We dropped the water at a rate of 1 drop per second and tried our best to make sure each drop is consistent to make sure we drop relatively the same amount of water per drop, to make sure we have accurate results. We continued dropping water until at least one droplet was not absorbed by the paper towel and fell through onto the table. Once said event occurs, we took our pipette and squeezed the reservoir once again, releasing all the remaining water in the pipette back into the graduated cylinder.

    Then we observed the remaining water, then used the following equation to find out how much water was absorbed; Total Water Absorbed = Total Amount of Water At Start – Total Amount of Water at End. When we solve this equation, we are able to find out how much water remains after we complete each trial. Once we finished each trial, we recorded our results and started the next trial, repeating previously said steps until we finished our experiment.

    We used a table to organize our data as it is the most efficient and easiest way to organize our data in this situation. We were able to organize our data into columns and rows that make it the easiest to read in this situation, making things a lot more clean and organized. You can easily paper towel brand and results for each trial and the final average clearly and without and hassle or confusion trying to read or comprehend the data. If we must read or comprehend the data, then we have to find the mean absolute deviation of the data, which can causes an see the unbalanced spread.

    In my experiment, my hypothesis was accepted as my data shows Bounty absorbing on average, 5.1mL of water while the bargain brand absorbed only 1.85mL on average, proving my hypothesis correct, that Bounty paper towels will absorb at least 2x more water than the bargain brand. My control group consisted of the bargain brand paper towels, which were expected to absorb less water than my experimental group, Bounty brand paper towels. The bargain brand paper towels ended up being flimsy and weak in comparison, holding less water than the stronger and more superior Bounty brand paper towels, which is why the trend of Bounty absorbing more water was present in my table.

    In my experiment, the initial amount of water, the delay between each drop of water with the pipette, and the average amount of pressure applied to the pipette, were all left constant throughout the experiment to make sure our results were not skewed and left accurate. In the case that error occured, some possibilities of experimental error found in the procedure can include the graduated cylinder being inaccurate causing us to receive inaccurate readings, or small amounts of water being trapped and stuck in the pipette, which could slightly change our results. We could increase validity in this experiment by doing more trials, which increases the accuracy of our experiment and making it more valid in result.

    Changing the substance from paper towels to napkins would minimally affect the experimental design. We would have to question if bounty napkins are two times more absorbent than the bargain napkin brand instead. Then we would have to change our hypothesis to, if I use bounty napkins, then it will absorb two times more water.

    Our dependent variable, the amount of Joseph Pasqualicchio water absorbed, can remain the same, but you would have to change the independent variable from paper towel brand to napkin brand. Our control group would be modified to bargain brand napkins, and our experimental group to Bounty brand napkins. Our constants can remain the same, the initial amount of water, the delay between each drop of water with the pipette, and the average amount of pressure applied to the pipette.

    In this experiment I have learned and been able to prove that Bounty does absorb 2x more water than the bargain brand, and how to use the scientific method in order to complete an experiment. I am able to prove this, thus being able to accept my hypothesis as my data proves that Bounty brand paper towels are superior and definitely do absorb at least 2x the amount of water then the bargain brand.

    The average amount of water absorbed by the bargain brand is 1.85mL, meanwhile Bounty absorbed a whopping 5.1mL of water, a large difference that is definitely 2x more, thus proving my hypothesis correct. We learned how to set up an experiment, the different components of an experiment, and how we could reproduce what we learned to create our own experiment using the scientific method. The idea from this lab can be used in the real world as we can now use the scientific method to our advantage outside of this experiment and we would be able to answer questions that currently have no answer or need more exploring, making this a good skill to learn for real life usage.

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    The Use of the Scientific Method to Determine the Absorption of Bounty Paper Towels in Comparison to Bargain Brand Paper Towels. (2023, Mar 12). Retrieved from

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