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    The Adventures Of The Speckled Band Argumentative Essay

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    Sherlock Holmes: Is a detective who solves mysteries. Watson: Is detective Sherlock Holmes partner. Helen Stoner: A woman who wants Sherlock Holmes to solves the mystery of her twin sister Julias death. Julia Stoner: Helen Stoners twin sister who mysteriously died the night before her wedding day.

    Dr. Grimsby Roy Lott: Is Helen and Julia’s stepfather who had a bad reputation with murder and doing bad things to people and some how keep getting away with it. Mrs. Farintosh: A friend of Ms. Helen Stoner who told her about where she could find Sherlock Holmes for help. Mrs. Stoner Roylott: Is Helen and Julia’s mother who married Dr. Roylott when her daughters were two years old.

    And died eight years afterward. Ms. Honoria Westphail: Is Mrs. Stoner Roylott’s maiden sister and Helen and Julias aunt. Whom Julia visited her every now an then but always at Christmas. This story takes place in England where a woman by the name of Helen Stoner.

    When she and her twin sister Julia were only two. Their mother met a man named Dr. Grimsby Roylott. A short time afterwards Helen and Julias mother Mrs. Stoner married Mr. Roylott. Mrs. Roylott died eight years after they were married.

    The two girls had to go live with their stepfather Mr. Roylott in Stroke Moran, England. Who inherited their mothers money and the only way they could get their share of the money was after they married. As the twins got older their stepfather got meaner. At one point he had killed one of his butlers with his bear hands and then he got off scot-free. Mr. Roylott got away with a lot of things because of his bad reputation. Julia was the first to get engaged. But when Dr. Roylott found out about the engagement he tried to do everything in his power to make Julia end her engagement. But she didn’t agree. So the day before her wedding, that night she went to talk with her sister Helen because she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep.

    After their talk she finally went to bed. Mysteriously Helen heard her sister voice. So Helen got out of her bed and went to check on Julia. Julias door was open but that was unusual, because it is normally locked. She walked in and there she saw her sister with a frighten look of terror on her face.

    She ran to her and grabbed her, but Julias legs got weak and she fell to her knees and died. Two years later Helen became engaged and she was afraid because she always had a suspicion of her stepfather having something to do with her sisters death. So she walked to her friend Mrs. Farintosh home. She told her about a detective named Sherlock Holmes.

    So she went and found him and told him everything she knew. One of the conflicts in the Speckled Band was that Julia died a mysterious death. Helen wanted to know what happen to her sister. So she hired a detective, Sherlock Holmes. She had to sneak out and catch a train so that her very sneaky and cruel stepfather didnt know what she was trying to do and find out.

    Holmes and his partner Watson started an investigation they went to the Roylott house and looked around. At night they had to sneak on the land and snoop around. But the only problem was Mr. Roylott had a few pets. Believe me they werent any kind of ordinary house pets it was a cheetah and a baboon. Holmes and Watson had to move their investigation around the cheetah and the baboon.

    For some reason after Helen became engaged her stepfather started having some construction done to the house so Helen had to move into her sisters Julia room. The very same room she died in. Night after night she stayed awake afraid of what might happen to her in that room. She stayed awake for so many night that her eyes turned blood shot red. She was only thirty years old, but her hair was so gray that you would think she was twenty years older.

    Although she didn’t know what she was worrying about she was worrying for good cause, because Dr. Roylott was planning to kill her. In the same mysterious way he did her sister but, only this time Sherlock Holmes and Watson was there to see it all a snake with peculiar yellow band with brownish spots. In spite of the deadly plan Dr. Roylott had for Helen. Dr. Roylott was the one who ended up dead. Ms. Helen Stoner was a concerned sister and stepdaughter.

    Who felt that she needed to find some help to find out what really happen to her sister Julia. What did she die from or did their stepfather Dr. Rowlett murder her. Ms. Stoner had asked her friend Ms.

    Farintosh did she know about anybody who could help her. Ms. Farintosh told her about Sherlock Holmes. A detective who once helped her with a problem she had. The next morning she left at six oclock to look in town for Sherlock Holmes.

    Once she found him she asked for his help. He asked her what was her problem. So she told him everything. So I feel that if I had been in Helens place I would have done the same thing.

    So I agree with the action she did. But if I had a stepfather like Dr. Roylott I would have done some things different. I would have left his house when I reached an adult age.

    I also would have taken my twin sister Julia with me. Or I would have stood up to him or told somebody who wasnt afraid to make him leave me alone. Those are some of the thing I would have done differently. Or I he would have been in jail because, I would have made sure he would have been found guilty for the murder of his butler.

    I would also made him do some time for my sisters murder. Yes, the characters in the book The Adventure of the Speckled Band seem as if they could be true to life. Because somebody can kill somebody else now a days and get away with it all. People do low-down thing to other people every day.

    Even people in 2002 (true life) can hire a detective if they are suspicious about something or somebody. Or even just to prove a person wrong. Even just to prove a point. Yes, I enjoyed this book very much. I read this book a few years ago and I enjoyed it then. I love reading books with mysteries and stories that keep me at the edge of my seat.

    And thing that keep me reading until I get to the end. Would I recommend this book to others yes? But first I would tell them if you enjoy reading a book that will baffle you in the beginning and having you guessing what going to happen next. This book is for you. Dont let the name the Adventure of the Speckled Band fool you.

    It really is a good and interesting book.

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