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The Renaissance

-Divine Comedy: story of the soul’s journey to salvation
-father of Italian Renaissance humanism
-was a big part in fostering humanism
-used pure classic Latin
-looked for forgotten Latin manuscripts
-first to use oil paints
-Paintings: The Arnolfini Wedding, Lucca Madonna, Ghent Altarpiece
Jan Van Eyck

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-student of Ghiberti
-famous for his 2 Davids-most famous for his bronze one and less for his marble one
-invented crane w/ revolving arm
-great dome of Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore
-designed church of San Lorenzo
-invented the Machine Gun
-invented the helicopter
-big contributor to inventing the bridge
-Paintings: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci
-conquered the city of Milan and became its new duke
-leader of a band of mercenaries
-created an efficient tax system
Francesco Sforza
-works appear in the Stanza della Segnatura
-Paintings: School of Athens, Madonna of the Goldfinch, Madonna of the Chair
-helped in the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome
-a small and wealthy group of merchants who established control of the Florentine government
-led the Florentines in in a series of successful wars against their neighbors and established Florence as a major city-state in northern Italy
Medici Family
-wrote the famous book The Prince
-government worker close to powerful men
Niccolo Machiavelli
-frescoes on the ceiling of the Vatican Sistine Chapel
-Paintings: The Creation of Adam, The Last Judgment, The Crucifixion of Saint Peter, The Conversion of Saint Paul
-wrote The Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer
-wrote The Book of the Courtier
Baldassare Castiglione
-Dominican preacher
-citizens sick of Medici rule looked up to him
-attacked the corruption of the Church
-acused of heresy and sentenced to death
Girolamo Savonarola
-paintings:Praying Hands, Adoration of the Magi
Albrecht Durer
-realistic paintings
-Paintings: The Tribute Money, The Holy Trinity with the Virgin and Saint John
-stood up for woman’s rights
-wrote The Book of the City of Ladies
Christine de Pizan
a painting done on fresh, wet plaster with water-based paints
based on the study of the classics, the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome
city states
Urban Society
soldiers who sold their services to the highest bidder
the money, goods, or estate that a wife brings to her husband at marriage
Characteristics of the Italian Renaissance
-urban society:powerful city-states became the centers of Italian political, economic, and social life.
-value of family: arranged marriages to maintain family, family was source of protection and great security to the dangerous urban world of Renaissance Italy
rebirth: art/learning>more people can read/art comes alive
-recovery from the disasters of the 14th century: (ex. disease>the plague, political problems)
-high regard for human worth and a realization of what individuals could achieve: individuals started to take on many achievements in many areas of life
-churches, wealthy homes, and public buildings were decorated with art: art became a part of life and a lot of times had to do with religion.
-began in Italy and spread
subjects taught in Renaissance humanism
-an intellectual movement
-study of the classics (Ancient Greece and Rome)
-included music, art, grammar, poetry, moral philosophy, and history (The Humanities), physical education
The ways Social Classes were divided in Renaissance Europe
-Nobility:dominated society, had certain ideas to fill and had to follow a certain standard of conduct
-Townspeople: merchants and artisans, top:patricians>wealth from trade, industry, and baking, middle:burghers: shopkeepers, artisans, guild masters, and guild members>provided goods and services for their fellow townspeople, Bottom: peasants or workers>earned pitiful wages
the importance of family and the role of marriage during the Renaissance
-family bond>source of great security in the dangerous urban world of Renaissance Italy
-arranged marriages to maintain family
-details worked out when kids are very young
-most important aspect of the marriage contract was the dowry
-husband>center of Italian family>gave family its name, managed finances>made decisions that determined his children’s lives
-mother>supervise the household
the causes and effects of the Italian War between France and Spain
-soldiers had not been paid for months
-lots of destruction
-church officials were sold as slaves and churches and palaces were sacked
-The terrible sack of Rome in 1527 by the armies of the Spanish king Charles I ended the Italian wars and left the Spanish a dominant force in Italy.
What does The Prince present?
a scientific analysis of political behavior and how a prince should rule
What does Machiavelli think a ruler should behave like?
a fox and a lion
What did artists depend on?
Three innovative types of literature
poetry, essay form, short stories
Who invented the printing press?
Johannes Gutenburg
The three concepts of The Book of the Courtier
*A noble is born not made
*A noble must gain a military and a classical education
*A noble must follow a certain code of conduct
Name three painters of the Renaissance and one thing that they painted (per person)
-Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa
-Raphael: School of Athens
-Titian: The Rape of Europa
How did art change from the past?
-paintings came alive
-three dimensional paintings
-bright colors
the language spoken in a writer’s own region
vernacular literature
led an army of thirty thousand men into Italy in 1494 and occupied the kingdom of Naples in southern Italy
King Charles

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The Renaissance
-Divine Comedy: story of the soul's journey to salvation Dante -father of Italian Renaissance humanism -was a big part in fostering humanism -used pure classic Latin -looked for forgotten Latin manuscript
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The Renaissance
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