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    The Reasons Why the Dress Code Policy Should Be Changed at North Hills Junior High

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    North Hills Junior High needs a new dress code. This dress code we have at North Hills is unfair. The kids should be able to wear pajamas; they are not a crime so we should have the right to wear them. Shorts should be as short as the students want them to be, with some exceptions. Another thing that should be changed its not being permitted to have holes above our knees. The last dress code rule that should be changed is not being allowed to wear tank tops. The dress code policy should be changed for these reasons.

    First, the students should be allowed to wear pajamas. This idea would be good for students because the kids would be able to be comfortable, and they could focus on school more. When kids wear pajamas they will be more likely to come to school on time. Pajamas are comfortable, therefor kids will be more excited to learn. If we had the freedom to wear pajamas, students will be able to sleep longer because they will not have to get up as early to get ready. For some students usually girls it takes them awhile to get ready, so this will be easier for them. The third reason why this will be good is students will have more energy because they could sleep longer.

    Next, we should be permitted to wear short shorts with exceptions. We should also be allowed to have holes in our pants. None of the students follow to rule so why should it be enforced? Having holes in our pants and our shorts being short is no harm to the students. I get it if you have basically no clothes on, but other than that we should have the right to wear them. Holes in the jeans are not a big deal. All the kids at North Hills wear big holes in their jeans and it is never corrected. The school should not have this as a rule in the handbook.

    Finally, we do not have air conditioning in the junior high so I think we should be able to wear tanktops. When we don’t have air conditioning it gets hot and students can’t concentrate.

    Students will most likely be thinking about how hot it is over thinking about their work. Tank tops should be allowed because in the summer people get sunburnt. When they get sunburnt its painful and students don’t want to have heavy clothing on. No being permitted to wear tank tops can also be a health issue. I know when I get super-hot I feel like I am going to pass out. This can cause trouble for the school and the parents. This could end up people suing the school or worse.

    In conclusion, North Hills Junior High should not be holding back on changing these policies. Students should be allowed to wear pajamas to school, it would help them with there academics. The rule that we are not permitted to have holes in our jeans, and we are not allowed to have short shorts is not fair. This does not harm anyone and the school doesn’t enforce it.

    Lastly, we should be able to wear tank tops due to health reasons. Would you want to be uncomfortable while learning?

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    The Reasons Why the Dress Code Policy Should Be Changed at North Hills Junior High. (2022, Dec 13). Retrieved from

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