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    The Reasons Why College Freshmen and Transfer Students Should Stay on Campus

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    Before coming to college many students have to make a decision on whether or not to stay on campus. How do students pick? Students have to think about the cost, what type of experience they want, and safety, I personally think first year students such as freshman and transfer students should stay on campus. First, let’s talk about the cost Some people say that living off campus is cheaper, but living on campus you do not have to worry about bills. Here at the University of Alabama, the cost to live on campus would be about $8,850 a year. Whereas to live off-campus in an apartment it such as Campus Evolution would be $509 per bedroom and approximately $6108 a year with utilities included. In an article written by Kasha Patel, she stated that when living in a dorm you do not have to worry about monthly bills, and she also stated that you do not have to worry about leases. “

    Unlike apartments, dorms do not have leases or monthly bills so there is no worrying about legal contracts or late payments” (Patel, “10 Reasons to Live In A Dorm For 4 Years”). This statement that she made was completely true, and I really do agree with her. Patel made another statement regarding a “payment plan”. She stated in the article that “You pay one big price at the beginning of the semester that usually includes all utilities, Wi»Fi and cable” (Patel, “10 Reasons to live in a Dorm”) This is true but you can also do the exact thing in an apartment if you choose to do so. As a first-year student, price is not the only thing you can look at when choosing whether or not to stay on campus, you can call consider the type of experience you want. Coming into college some people do not have many friends It is most likely because their close friends went to another school.

    Staying on campus is a very easy way to make friends I am a freshman and I stay on campus; I live in Lakeside West. Lakeside West is located in the Robert E. Witt Residential Community, which means it is located around a lot more residence halls, I have made a lot of friends that live in the same residence hall has me and other halls, It is easy to make friends because we are all in the same position, new to college. Staying on campus is very convenient, A good advantage to living on campus is that your classes are within walking distance, so it will be easier for you to make it class on time. Also it so much easier to get to food when living on campus, and we all know college students love food, My dorm, for example, is located right next to Lakeside Dining Hall, and it is also very close to the Ferguson Center. The library is also very easy to get to if you stay on campus. Staying on campus will also make it very easy to get to sporting events because you do not have to worry about game day traffic. You can also save money that you would use for gas because everything you will need is on campus.

    Campus Life is very fun. The whole dorm life is fun It is easier to get involve when living on campus because the RA in the residence hall will tell you about most of things that are happening on campus Sorority and fraternity houses are located on campus, and they have parties and events. But sometime the campus life can be a little overwhelming and distracting, In an article called “The Great Debate: to Live On-Campus or Off-Campus” it stated that “Of course, dorm life does have its drawbacks While it’s fantastic that there are so many social options and outlets mere feet away, that also means it can sometimes be a struggle to focus or carve out some quiet time. Indeed, it can be difficult to study cell division while your classmates are racing desk chairs in the hallway” (“The Great Debate: To Live OneCampus or Off~ Campus”).

    This is so true, but if you use your time well and have self-control you will be fine. Another thing to consider, this might even be the most important, your safety. College campuses are usually very safe Most college will have their own police departments that will get to you has soon as you call. Also you might have someone at the front desk of your residence hall that will make sure everything is good Here at UA we blue-light phones, it’s a very effective way to keep crime down on campus. The phones are also good for people that need a safe way for travel late at night, So college campus are pretty much safe, but of course some things may happen. So should freshman and first year students stay on campus? I think yes because it is very fun, convenient, and safe. All college students should experience campus life because you will meet long life friend, and you might even meet your future husband or wifet.

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    The Reasons Why College Freshmen and Transfer Students Should Stay on Campus. (2023, Mar 16). Retrieved from

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