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    The Physiology Of Weight Determination

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    However, it is also true that a person becomes heavier than what she aims to be in different ways. Therefore, since people gain weight in different unique ways, dieting should also be based on how you gain weight. If we are to discuss the physiology of weight determination, this is based on the idea that we gain weight when the energy of our calorie intake exceeds our energy use. But we should know that we burn calories in exercise, the digestion of food and the “basal metabolic rate” or BMR which is the calories we burn when we are resting.

    Standard results show that our BMR declines as we age. Given this fact, we can infer that a person sustains the same amount of calorie intake and ways of exercising as he or she ages, that individual will gain weight (Goldfarb, Leonard and Suranovic). What are the causes of dieting? There are six reasons why people succumb to dieting. We have aging-associated, disease-provoked, physical-life-events-provoked, style-provoked, smoking-cessation and innovation-provoked dieting. These causes are also dependent to the determinants of weight production which includes basal metabolism which are uniquely affected by the age and gender, appetite and other factors affecting calorie intake. What causes you to lose weight?There are three important features of weight and utility which are negative health effects, appearances effects and increase in task costs.

    For negative health effects, we have shorter life span, poorer health, and an increase in health care cost. Appearances effects are either internal or external. Internal effects include one’s own dislike to his or her body image or the external which pertains to the reactions of others that are generated by the nonideal weight. In increase in task costs, there are the daily life annoyances which refer to the increasing difficulty in finding clothing that fits airline seats where we could fit or the difficulty in performing physical activities (Goldfarb, Leonard and Suranovic). Thus, we can conclude that the perception about weight loss may change with age or life circumstances.

    Maybe you went through a lot to really resort to losing weight or maybe it is just because of the age you are in or the pressure you feel around you such as the lean people with you, the media and other factors. Maybe, sooner or later, you may realize that you do not want to undergo diet anymore because maybe you are really healthy but you really want to be thinner because of the stigma you received in your environment (Goldfarb, Leonard and Suranovic)You can do some exercise of your choice, change the nutritional content of what you eat or upset your appetite so you can eat less and store less calories since increased level in our calories can also lead to weight gain. But, this diet learning that you are doing and the diet failures you have been through might create impacts on your diet choices. Goldfarb and Leonard suggests that we just do it: one, you need to positively think that you are not going to fail in your chosen diet plan again,; two, just learn by doing it; and three, do not be afraid to try other diet plans if in case your choice of plan fails (Goldfarb, Leonard and Suranovic).

    A very effective diet plan is finding the equilibrium between energy in and energy out of our body. The heat energy in our body is measured in calories. If an individual takes in fewer calories from the food the person eats compared to what the person can burn over a span of time, that individual will burn the fats and will end up losing weight. Age is really a big factor for the daily calorie requirement of our body (Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School).

    Another research also cited that the Atkins, Zone, Weight Watchers and Ordish diets are all effective foe helping people in their adult stage to lose weight and it is good for the reduction of cardiac disease possibilities. I suggest a diet that you can easily follow so that the level of frustration upon using the chosen diet will be less (British Medical Journal). Based on the things that worked and do not work for me, here are my suggestions of the food that you should never eat. .

    You should never eat frostings, bagels, processed baked goods, soda, sugary cereals, jarred tomato sauce, bacon, maraschino cherries, and soy sauce. To achieve a flat stomach, do eat the following: almonds, leafy greens, oats, olive oil, beans, peppermint, green tea, kelp, apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, fresh tomatoes, garlic, chili, bananas, melons, cucumber, watercress, fennel, berries, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger, artichoke, brown rice, peanuts, avocado, quinoa, couscous, sunflower seeds, pistachios, natural yogurt, mackerel, salmon, papaya, pineapple, black pepper, celery, lentils, peppers, and liquorice. Sugar is really bad for people who are dieting because these still adds to our excessive calorie intake. Vegetables are good but you don’t need to become a vegetarian or a vegan.

    A healthy balance of leafy greens and lean meat are the best combo you can have.

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