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    The Origin, History and Social Stigmas on Tattoos

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    My topic is tattoos. The history of them and how that may affect the stigmas they hold today. Are these views of people who have permanent body art justified? I am writing about this topic because as a student, I plan to have a successful career but I also want to get tattoos. Why should I have to get them in hidden places or forgo getting them at all in order to prevent being declined from a job. I think people should be able to have any body art they desire. Of course crass tattoos that have nudity should be covered, much like attire with inappropriate scenes or phrases on them, but why hide flowers, or the name of a loved one?

    Purpose: With the paper, I hope to give insight into the history of tattoos, where they originated, how they have been viewed throughout the years, and how they are viewed today. I hope to find reason enough to persuade the reader to agree that body art ought to be allowed in professional settings and that the stigmas around hem should be forgotten and moved past. Either to prove that these views belong in the past as so many social issues have managed to move one, or to show that the reasons we have today are unjustified or unreasonable.

    Audience: My audience will be the people who are against tattoos in the workplace. I will be trying to disprove their arguments against permanent body art and change their ideas and feeling towards tattoos and the people who have them. My argument will also be trying to gather support from people with tattoos and people who have them and already agree with me. Social norms are learned. A young child may be intrigued but is not disgusted by pictures on a person’s skin. They are taught to fear, judge, ridicule and dislike certain people, often without ever meeting the person, just seeing them.

    How does the history of permanent body art effect the stigmas they hold today and are those stigmas justified? Supporting arguments:

    1. Having tattoos is self expression, just like clothes or jewelry, everyone should be allowed to have them
    2. Historically in places like Russia and Japan, tattoos have been used to show position, garner respect and show status. Why then, do people look down upon tattoos in modern day America?
    3. Art holds such an important position in our history and culture. Art on skin is, if anything, more impressive because it can hardly be painted over, mistakes are difficult to fix and that lives on a human being for the rest of their lives.

    Counter arguments:

    1. People with tattoos are less able than those who do not have tattoos. (People are people regardless of what they look like, if the shape of someone’s nose doesn’t affect their ability to do work, why should the tattoos on their arms?)
    2. People with tattoos make bad/rash decisions.
    3. They are rule breakers, rebels, and won’t listen to anyone but themselves

    I will be looking at a lot of historical sources. The origins of body art, how they were viewed in society, what purpose they hold. Also, statistics to see if there is any weight in some of the stigmas held. I may also attempt to do something of a brief study of character in a few examples to disprove the claims made as stereotype against tattooed people.

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    The Origin, History and Social Stigmas on Tattoos. (2023, Mar 12). Retrieved from

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