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    The New Way of Discrimination (669 words)

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    From the 1960s all the way till now, from Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” Speech, these acts of heroism have shaped the way discrimination is seen today. Discrimination, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, is a check that came back. This means that the people being discriminated had if fortunate rights or otherwise no rights. As the world’s population is increasing, discrimination is also a rising problem.

    Inspirations have been famous for their courageous acts in getting their freedom. A very well-known six year old girl named Ruby Bridges was an American civil rights activist. Her story came to be when she was selected to go to an all-white school. When the ‘crackers’, as the Blacks called them, found out, they were outraged and fought back as Ruby got off the car where she was brought to school. Due to this, she was called mean names and was threatened when she walked on to the stairs of the schools. In the school, there was only one teacher who decided to teach Ruby. Her name was Barbara Henry. She was the only one because the others thought that she could not be taught. Many parents took their children out of the school because of Ruby and how her skin color was black. Later, many children started coming back and the teachers were starting to think that Blacks were teachable all because of Ruby Bridges. Without Ruby Bridges, most teachers in America would not gain enough courage that Blacks could be taught. Briefly, this is what discrimination was seen as in the 1960s.

    As modern as discrimination is, the people who discriminate are finding new ways to show there favoritism toward the group they are fond of. Our President, Donald Trump, is discriminating the Hispanic Race while he is building a ‘wall’ to keep them out. He says that they smuggle drugs that are illegal and other acts that rarely happen. He has forgotten that Mexico gave up more than half of its land one-hundred seventy years ago, now the same people who were given land are making a wall in border to the same empire who gave them it. During 9/11, Muslims were all in charge of the terrorist attacks which led to the formation of the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security’s job is to keep homeland security. To ensure that a terrorist attack does not happen again, The Department of Homeland Security usually does a special check on those who have a beard and look Muslim. They assume that people with beards are Muslim and run a special check on them. This discrimination is due to the assumption that the Department of Homeland Security makes. Indeed, this is what discrimination looks like in our time, 2000s.

    Discrimination was great problem back in the 60’s, but now it has quieted down. Even though the problem of discrimination has calmed down, it still happens. Many possible solution have been tried and most of them work to stop discrimination. As a child, I am usually not discriminated, but I hear a lot of stories about discrimination. I used to think that if the police could charge the discriminator an amount that it may work. The only reason this would not work is because our police is also showing favoritism. We have to come up with a solution that does want people to become biased or show more hatred to the discriminator. We also have to find a way where we only use our mouths not our fists. All we can do is show support and forget about your own differences and respect the offender. The offender would be surprised because he is just like a bully; he wants to get a reaction out of you. All he will do at the end is forgetting his own differences. From these past experiences, we can realize that solutions to tough problems come in tough ways.

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