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    The Name of the Rose Essay Summary

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    The novel “The Name of the Rose” portrays all 5 genres previously defined. It can be considered a historical novel since many events and people that were depicted in the novel exists in real life. For example, William used to be an inquisitor which in fact at that time frame the inquisition had just occurred. There is no doubt that the novel renders the genre of a detective story. From beginning to end it is all one big mind boggling mystery which William is the great sleuth who solves the mystery alongside with his apprentice Adso.

    One sees William’s deductive reasoning in the opening pages when he explains his conclusions to Brunellus’ appearance saying, ” the beauty of a horse requires that the head be small, siccum prope pelle ossibus adhaerente, short and pointed ears, big eyes, flaring nostrils, erect neck, thick mane and tail, round and solid hoofs” (24). As a gothic romance, the setting of the story depicts such a genre. It might not be necessarily a haunted castle or a medieval ruin but it was an abbey that was considered to have evil spirits that affected the minds of monks.

    During the first encounter between Abbot Abo and William, “he looked around, imperceptivebly, as if the enemy were lurking within those walls” (29). Between the incessant shouts and discussions of the Anti-Christ coming soon, it is no wonder why the story expresses a postmodern apocalypse genre and possesses the aversion to proofs by means of science. An example is seen when William explains to “Adso, solving a mystery is not the same as deducting from first principles.

    Nor does it amount to simply collecting a number of particular data from which to infer a general law” (304). The novel can be described as an encyclopedia as well since it lists the important facts and information of the real events that occurred. Umberto Eco managed to formulate a novel where more than one genre was marvelously presented and can be easily identified. 7. Umberto Eco utilizes Salvatore’s wild accounts and Adso’s dream to express his purpose for writing “The Name of the Rose”. “Penitenzaiagite!

    Watch out for the draco who cometh in futurum to your anima! Death is super nos! Pray the Santo Pater come to liberar nos a male and all our sin! ” (46). This translates to, “Repent! Watch out for the dragon who cometh in future to gnaw your soul! Death is upon us! Pray the Holy Father come to free us from evil and all our sin! ” (Key 103-104). Salvatore’s frenetic language symbolizes Eco’s purpose of conveying that life is sometimes not easy to understand or put together but may sometimes take some time to stop and think before making a move.

    Adso dreams of fantasies that seem nonsensical thought through these confusing dreams the author’s purpose was once again portrayed. “And in the fog of the soul, finding myself as if in a region not of this world, I had a vision, or dream, if you prefer to call it that” (427). William manages to take what was once a confusing dream into an important factor to solving the mystery. This proves that sometimes what may seem irrelevant and confusing at first may actually be apart of something more than just nonsensical ideas.

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