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    The Moment of Truth – My Crush Essay

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    At age 11 not many people would say girls are on a boys mind, but for me it wasnt just girls that I was interested in, it was Vanessa Alistor, Brown skinned, curly haired, and athletic girl that I was interested in. When I first saw her I couldnt decide between the thought of marriage or was she just a gift that god brought down for me. During lunch Id have a certain table Id sit at with a couple of my friends, wed talk about the struggles of not having a dollar to go to the store after school, and get candy or an Arizona.

    But that day at lunch it was different, I was determined to get recognized by Vanessa. Call it a crush, or call it an addiction who knew what it was all I know is that this girl had me sprung. I moved to a table that was closer to hers and made sure I wore that shirt that my grandmother got me for my 10th birthday. During my lunch period I decided to go on line while she went also in hopes, that shed smell the cologne I borrowed from my dad the day before.

    As I am on line to get my lunch, she gets her lunch before me, and stands by the end of the metal bar separating the lunch tables from the lunch line. My heart began to race, not knowing if she wants me to come say something to her. By the way she stood upright with a slight slouch, showed me that it was possible that she wanted me to approach her. As I was about to make my move; she signals a friend that was standing behind me at the time. As embarrassing as that may have been for me I was still determined to get the girl of my dream.

    Coming into class the next day, I witness Vanessa sitting alone because she decided to come into class a little early to cover some work that had to be done; that day I got dropped off at school a little earlier to catch up on the work that I missed. In class it was me, Vanessa, and 3 other students, I decided to talk to her about the work that we had to do, and wanted to see if shed need any assistance from me since I was pretty good at doing math. As we began to talk, I see a small smile creep up from the side of her face it was then I knew that she was feeling me.

    While feeling successful during our conversation I decide to take my seat, after laying down some smooth moves on Vanessa, as charming as I was, charm wasnt going to save me from what had happened next. As I go to take my seat a book was dropped onto the teal floors of the 20×40 dimension class room. My right foot clipped the top of the book causing me to topple over, and fall into 3 desks.

    The sound of the desks toppling over me alarmed everyone in the class room, and made them aware of my embarrassment. seconds prior to the incident everyone in the room started laughing, the intense feeling of disappointment, sorrow, and pain made me want to run out of the room as fast as possible but considering that I had to complete a bunch of work the only thing I could do was suck it up, and do my work. As class ends Vanessa asks me to stay back, and help her with a problem. Considering that my day couldnt get any worse why not sit down, and talk to the one person I felt most comfortable around.

    As I walk her through the math problem she was stuck on she stops me, and tells me that shes sorry that I took a bad fall. We laughed about it for a couple minutes until till my mother came, and as Im packing to go she gives me a piece of paper with a drawing of 2 boxes separate from each other, and over the top of the boxes is a little question asking if I had liked her. I checked the box with the yes over the top, and gave her the paper without saying a word, and just walked out. That day was the most exciting, embarrassing, and successful day of my pre pubescent life.

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