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    The Importance of Soccer to Me Essay

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    Almost every person has an object or something that they love and will cherish it for the rest of their lives. For me it is a soccer ball. It is an object that I will keep for the rest of my life. My soccer ball is important to me because I love ever thing about the sport and it inspires me to be a professional soccer player some day. My soccer ball can be described using five different senses. It is as round as a basketball but it is smaller in seize than a basketball.

    It sounds like a drum when you bounce or kick it. It also fells like leather but it smells like rubber. Finally, my soccer ball has no taste. The soccer ball was given to me by my uncle. The name of my uncle is Martin; he is my fathers brother. I receive the ball as a present on chrismasday at my house when I was nine years old. It was presented to me like a gift rape in a parcel. When I receive the ball, I thought it was an excellent gift because I had just started understand and enjoying the game of soccer.

    So I felt like it was the best gift I could received at that time. My soccer ball means a lot to me. This is because since I received the ball I was interested and inspiring to become a professional soccer player. When I was eleven years old I took my ball to school to play with some friends. My brother brought his camera to field that day and he was recording the game. We played for about sixty minute but the game was still tied zero to zero with tree minutes left on clock, I scored the wining with a bicycle kick.

    After the game I was watching my self on the video how I scored the wining goal. I was proud of my self. I am very concern when it comes to the safety of my soccer ball. I usually keep it in my room in side my closet. So every time I wake up in the morning and see the ball it inspires me not to give up following my dream. I usually make sure it is clean when I am done playing with it. My soccer ball has become on the best object or things that I will cherish the rest of my life.

    I usually use my soccer ball to play with all kinds of people friends and family. I also use my soccer ball to play with people I dont know. For example, when I go out to the park to play soccer, I often play with people that I dont know. I always play soccer on week ends at around seven oclock in the evening to nine o’clock at night. In conclusion, my soccer ball is important to me because of all the reasons that I have listed above. I am going use my soccer ball in the future to help inspire me to become a professional soccer player.

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