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    The Growing Concern over Technology Transfer in the Modern World

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    With the Development of the new economy, Technology transfer has become a topic of great concern to the world one. The paper proposed a new Economic era from the analysis of the characteristics of technology trade, discussing the introduction of technologies that exist In a number of problems and Based on this series of Solutions with Chinese characteristics. [Paper Keywords] new economy, technology trade. technology introduction 60 years after the 20th century, the world economy shows more and more dependent on technology, and trends, many countries have introduced technology for raising their level of technology to speed up economic development, an important means to enhance the overall national strength. Reform and opening up, particularly by adding WTO, China also from many angles, both in the development of new technologies to introduce high technology from abroad. At present, how to accurately grasp the characteristics of the times. to identify their own shortcomings in the technology introduction. to better develop their economies, will is an extremely important issue.

    First the new economic era characteristics of technology trade Highrtech trade has become a mainstream trend. More than 70% of high-tech components intensive high-tech products trade has gradually become the main body of Visible trade, Compared With traditional products, this type of merchandise have a more practical, easier to operate, cheaper prices to attract consumers to buy other meats such products of the trade share of global trade has increased I3% in 1985 to the current 30%. At the same time, high-technology trade and high technology-intensive service trade is rapid development. to patents, trademarks and proprietary technology to target the high-tech trade, not only in the technical field of trade and the area of trade in sewices have occupied a very important position. Technology trade in the form of more and more diverse.

    With the development of world trade in various forms, processes, current technology, and diversified forms of trade. It not only permits the way of trade, and adopted a joint venture, cooperative operation International Trade and Industry cooperation manner. This series includes both the transfer of technology and management experience. training programs and mechanical devices, including new ways to achieve the effective integration of capital and technology. Technology trade brought increasing competition. First in competition in the technology itself, countries have established a number of areas of Research groups and research institutions, is committed to using the shortest possible time, at least the cost of developing the most practical or most able to reflect national power technology to create more value for the country. Second performance in the talent competition, each countiy must be convinced that senior personnel have high-tech driven so that all localities have adopted a series of various industries to attract talent measures to retain talent, raging “grab brain” of the competition, technical barriers to trade and intellectual property disputes become prominent issues in a technical trade.

    Now, with the development of free trade, the role of tariffs as a barrier to trade less both with Japan, protectionism has begun to use more highrtech standards the form of nonrtarifl barriers to restrict the entry of foreign goods, such as the United States had, by the name of envnonmental protection, requiring sales of cars from foreign immigrants must meet European emissions standards 7? on the real line of trade protection, Meanwhile, high—tech development bring some, such as network infringement. product piracy and other intellectual property disputes. These Issues will be accompanied by the development of technology trade in the longer term, asked the troubled governments and businesses. Second the introduction of technical problems. Repeat the introduction of a serious problem. China’s technology import the lack of overall planning for the introduction of many enterprises due to lack of experience, there is not enough capacity for the introduction of feasibility studies, resulting in frequent repetition of the introduction of the folloWing forms.

    First, many times the same technology introduction, which occurs primarily in the rapidly expanding market demand or product profitable industries such as steel, automobiles, electrical and electronic industries, although the introduction of each technology level and level have improved, but there is no further update, the formation of the introduction of a behind the introduction of the vicious cycle again and again. the second is the same level as the domestic level of technology has been repeated in different parts of the introduction of different enterprises a lot of practical and high-profit sectors to such issues often bring a lot of waste “The hard light, soft” problems. Technology in the “soft” refers to the patents, and process technology such as the introduction of the carrier means “hard” refers to machinery and equipment and production lines as the carrier of technology transfer methods.

    In the process of technology transfer, China has long been the eXIsience of “light weight hard-soft” defects, into the last century 90 years later, the Situation is more serious, the majority of companies holding a “lazy’ mood, keen to buy ” hardware “, not want to buy the” software “, but ignore the” software “used in training. This unreasonable” used “has greatly slowed the introduction of the localization of high degree of economic development for the country is extremely negative.  Poor financing environment. We all know, the introduction of technology requires huge funds, and the introduction of our funding is far from adequate, and even some wellrknown large companies it is difficult to raise. The introduction of technology in the process, only when the enterprises in the Investment project can get some grants or loans, the overall financial environment is not optimistic, which greatly inhibit the access of enterprise software technology in the daily production capacity as the introduction of highrtech barriers.

    Introduction of technology talent in the problem is ignored. Talent is the carrier of knowledge and technology can be said that technology transfer to promote directional flow of talent, talent will react on the flow of technology transfer, and guide the direction of technology transfer. Although fully conscious of to the importance of talent, but all levels of government and enterprises have not worked out with us, Silicon Valley, the introduction of comparable talent, retention policies, particularly in some of the old. small side, mountains, poor areas, a huge loss of local talent, not the introduction of much needed talent, had to once again fall into the “hard lightweight soft” the introduction of the introduction of a repeated cycle of backwardness.

    Lack of attention to the protection of technology. This is reflected in two aspects: First, the lack of protection has been the introduction of technology awareness, making it difficult on this basis for Innovation and development, and second, the protection of the technology market is not enough. the lack of a mechanism of fair competition. It is reported that the international famous company for the global protection of intellectual property budget, nearly I I 2 the money has been used in China, China’s piracy and imitations of leading manufacturers every year brought great losses. There Data show that China’s patent agent who specializes in rare, most companies have never set up relevant departments to co-ordinate patent matters. 6. Introduction of technology market opening is not enough the introduction of restricted large high- tech. Although the country of origin of the technology more than 40, but still not enough openness of the market, most technology sources concentrate in the United States. the European Union, Japan and afew other Western countries .

    This is, of course advances in China‘s technology. but it resulted in the neglect of overreliance on developed countries such as India in software development is a global leader in the developing countries. Meanwhile, the us. and other developed countries have long been the “China threat theory “the impact of a large number of high-tech do not want to enter China’s market, makes our country great has been the introduction of high technology restrictions. Third, the introduction of the new economic era of technological countermeasures 1. The right policies to develop high»tech industry. This is the most critical technology import policy basis for the followmg measures to provide a strong guarantee. All the technology transfer for economic development. the fact that technology transfer should be allowed to more directly serve the industrial Structure rationalization and highrclass, and the transformation of traditional industries will be developed into a more competitive high-tech industry.

    Our highrtech industrial policy goal is to optimize the economic structure, and promote economic growth. Joining WTO. China is developed based on the requirements of WTO series of conditions for introduction of technology policy. If 2002 In March, the State Council approved and promulgated a new, a clear focus on encouraging the introduction of foreign advanced technology to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, In such a policy under the guidance of priority should be given the introduction of high-tech and practical skills. First to optimize the economic structure, promote economic growth targets, we must focus on the introduction of technological progress and economic benefits to reflect the close integration of high technology, Secondly, only the introduction of the World’s cutting-edge technology can help the country reduce the technological gap.

    With the developed countries to improve their technological level, the majority of developed and developing countries to attract high technology to China faster flow. Again, the introduction of practical highrtech surface may take a huge costs. but if the technology is suited to China’s industrial base and resources. can immediately concentrate manpower, material and financial resources for production, products sales can go up to get the international market, even at high prices or large quantities of sales, Will get more profitable, which is equivalent to the introduction of lower cost. Finally, the introduction of high-tech and applied technology Will promote the development of cooperation With other countries the process of building research and development complement each other and promote each other’s national technology innovation system. Links to free Paper Downloads 2, Build a strong team, specializing in technology and not the introduction of a feasibility study.

    As in our long-term lack of an efficient team of the feasibility study on introduction of technology, coupled with restrictions on domestic enterprises, technology and many other factors, the process of introduction of technology will inevitably produce, lack of understanding of technology. “neither friend nor KnoWing your enemy,” the problem, leading the introduction of high cost, repeat the introduction of other undesirable phenomena. even When some Western countries by the global industry structural adjustment of the machine, a large number of output some backward technology, resource consumption and serious pollution of a serious project and we are unsure. Therefore, the introduction of the technology demonstration phase of the early introduction of technology identified as an important part, the establishment of unified management of the national agencies working in technology transfer is necessary.

    Currently, there are many companies in the feasibility study is based on taking into account the project’s On the other hand – not a feasibility study and proposed tWo kinds of research should be the same time, can be neglected. of such institutions in the demonstration process, should establish a comprehensive information-sharing system, strictly folloW the relevant procedures, a careful analysis to identify Whether the technology is really advanced, practical and economic, really in line with national and people’s interests. consider the technology life cycle and absorption difficulties, the business innovation, choice and absorption of a number of economic indicators to fully reflect the introduction of the technology has considerable possibility and feasibility, was rejected by the technology has its wrong side, so as to avoid the irrational waste of resources.

    Establish a software-based, technology hardware, supplemented by the introduction of mechanisms, Committed to absorption, transformation, innovation and technology. First of all, to completely new ideas and change, “the hard light, soft” error to introduce mechanisms to increase the “software” the introduction and encourage more companies to introduce more advanced management experience, technology updates Xing, and even more forward-thinking people, as appropriate, simply to introduce highrtech end products and technical equipment not to bring in their obsolete or can be developed, the quality of clearance of the equipment and the technology does not meet the conditions. Second, the introduction of technology must be absorbed. must not allow the introduction of new equipment pretty useless, does not allow the introduction of new technology that no one. Will use, to encourage domestic enterprises to actively cooperate With foreign companies, take part in some of the more technical training activities, to eliminate the long-term technology-dependent companies, so that equipment is broken, no foreign experts can repair, production and sales of technical problems, no overseas experts to solve completely absorb the technology has been introduced.

    Third, we must actively engage in the transformation of technology and innovation. In fact, the world‘s most advanced technology innovations come on their own, a country’s competitive advantage is not reflected in the number of technology it introduced, and embodied in its technological innovation capability. Only the introduction of technology and technological innovation organically combine and promote each other can we truly reduce the developed industrialized countries With the technology gap. This activity requires the joint efforts of the state and enterprises also need the full cooperation of various departments. such as the guiding role of science and technology from authorities, coordinating role of financial institutions. Increased capital investment and technology transfer personnel accumulation. First of all, should increase investment in technology impon volume.

    With the introduction of high premsron and advanced technology, cost is quite large, and adverse consequences of inadequate investment is relatively serious, such as may cause the introduction of the early introduction of no practical high-tech, post- transformation may lead to disruption of innovation. These are not conducive to healthy development of enterprises, countries or enterprises should set up a special fund managed by the specialized agencies of the audit, coordinate the Planning Commission. foreign trade management, technology management relations, focusing on the introduction of the project given appropriate support and benefits. this point, the Government has a deep awareness and action. 13 Januaiy 2004. Vice Minister of Information Industry, thrift F economic and trade delegation headed in Washington with the U.S. Motorola has signed a 2.32 billion U.S. dollars in contracts, purchase of advanced information technology products, this is a large trade in technology investment. Secondly, we must attach great importance to the accumulation of human .

    This includes the contents of two layers: one is to increase the Education and training costs. At present, the number of college-educated 3.8% of the total population, 15.5% lower than the world level, students of the school only 4%, 8% below the average level of developing countries. educational backwardness leads to low quality of human capital, government and enterprises should increase investment in education and training costs, and train more qualified to meet the high the requirements of professionals, The second is to increase to attract and retain investment talent, not only to give professionals in the financial performance of the treatment, but also to give talent a relaxed environment for development, career and emotional investment are indispensable less. 5. Improve laws, to strengthen technical protection. To expand the source of imported technology.

    At present. our country developed a number of laws and regulations on technology transfer, but many important areas still rely on administrative means to carry out the mandatory constraints, lack of operations. For example, currently, in the field of international e-commerce among the many enterprises in China by the payment system, the impact of technological protection and other issues can not intervene. Therefore, we must improve the technology to introduce legislation to completely resolve the existing payment software and hardware problems. expressly protects online merchants technology (including intellectual property. trademarks, proprietary technology, etc.) are not Violated.

    In addition, many enterprises lack of credit for the current concept of online transactions, especially in the introduction of technology, often do not comply with norms to be followed, leading to all kinds of piracy. counterfeiting has occurred frequently, must join the relevant departments, establish strict legal and technical supervision of security system, strengthen legislation and enforcement, to reduce unnecessary disputes. Of course, the legislation should also strengthen the source of technology import guiding role, if it is the basic utility of similar or identical technology, as far as possible from several developed countries do not only introduced to avmd too great dependence on the country’s economic development.

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