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    The Gender Oppression of Boys Essay

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    According to (how to crack the code of men 1998), the myth that men are unfeeling creates damaging relationship problems. That’s why there are differences between women and men in the emotional and social progress. Also, there is a major difference between raising a girl and a boy. Boys tend to be more violent while girls are raised to be more sensitive. However boys are harder in raising than girls in many different things, in communication, self esteem, school and in discipline. Boys and girls are ridiculously different on so many levels.

    Such as the way of communication, girls tend to be emotional while boys are feeling less. Parents are the main reason behind that men are hard-hearted. As a consequence, men take huge responsibility at young age, for example, taking care of their younger siblings in the absence of the father. Another sample; which men have to work hard and get exquisite grades as they will also be responsible for their own family. Therefore, that is a weight on their shoulders. Traditions also play a great deal on shutting boys feelings down.

    As the traditions are made by the society, so they always tell men to stop complaining about their sorrows and keep it together. However, when men are exposed to a certain emotional situation, the society puts them under the pressure of keeping their feelings inside and not letting them out. It feels like they are forced to act ridiculously, like it is a must. As a result, that affects them as they grow up. It is a long term effect! All of these problems may cause side effects to their lives on so many levels. Such as, they may be turned to violence as a solution.

    For example, most of the boys have chaotic problems as they cannot follow the rules that are made for discipline. As, we all have known men are always the one who commit violent crimes. According to single sex schools, boys have a highly record on fighting. Therefore, their aggressiveness is taken to the next level and it may lead to abuse. Added to that, they are forced to hide in a nut shell with their emotions. Moreover, they are forced to be keeping their feelings to themselves and not to show it to anyone.

    It may be surprising but, boys tend to be quite in embarrassing situations. Girls have better ways in showing feelings; for example, in an important occasion such as birthdays she tries her best and do efforts for making this person happy while, boys cannot express his feelings towards this person. As the problem may appear hard and does not seem to have solutions, IT DOES! ; First, parents must crave in their raising that their sons need more attention; they have to make them learn how to be strong and passionate and show his feelings without being embarrassed.

    In addition parents must teach them not to choose the extremes of feelings; like they do not have to be soft and not to be harsh. Parents should accept their personality and not to try to change it. In conclusion, men must destroy this nut shell of emotions; and, the society should associate with them and not to judge them for being different. Additionally parents should talk with their sons for solving this problem and not to neglect their feelings.

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