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    The Different Perspectives on the Concept of Nationalism

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    In Diefenbaker’s quote he expresses the different values that make him proud to be a Canadian citizen, he is especially attached to the various freedoms that come from being part of a free country. He has the freedom of speech to say whatever he wishes without consequence and the freedom of religion to worship whoever he wants to. He has the ability to protest whatever he feels is wrong and to stand up against it and most of all he has to freedom to choose who shall govern his country through democracy. The only connection between nation and this love for his freedoms is at the start of the quote because he feels more attached and prideful of the freedoms he enjoys as a canadian citizen rather than to his country.

    In the last sentence of the quote this is shown when he says that he shall defend these freedoms and try to defend it for every single person, even including those that are part of another nation. This means his non-national loyalty towards the various freedoms he enjoys are stronger than the loyalty that he has to his nation, he would fight even his own country if they tried to take this attribute of Canada that he loves dearly. Diefenbaker is trying to get the point across that in reality the only reason people may love the country they are in is because of a certain attribute of it, in this case his love for the liberties he enjoys as a canadian citizen outway the actual love he has for his country.

    These same liberties are not given to citizens in other countries and he would fight for them so that they can have the same freedoms he has, his attachment to the idea of freedom and liberty is strong enough that he would fight for people everywhere to have the same freedoms he has even if Canada was the country that was restricting his freedoms.

    In source 2 it shows an image of prisoners in a labour camp in cold and unsafe conditions, they are huddled into groups to try and stay warm while they continue digging. These inhuman conditions are present in forced labour camps which are used in nations where an authoritative government has taken rule of the country, that government punishes those that do not have the same beliefs and ideas that the government and its leaders have. With an authoritative government comes ultranationalism, this way people feel a loyalty to their nation stronger than the love they would have for a fellow citizen.

    Through this the government has a stronger control over its citizens as they feel disobeying and not listening would only hurt the country and in the end themselves. The people in the labour camps are those that do not agree with the views of the government which in the governments and other citizens views make them someone that is not a part of their country, the idea that nation should be above all else is something that many people disagree with and when an authoritative government takes control they are punished for it.

    These political prisoners felt attached to something else that was changed with a new government in control, they then protest because their loyalty to that something was stronger than their loyalty to their nation. Ultranationalism punishes people that feel this attachment as the rapid restriction of freedoms and changes in values within the country cause those that do not want it changed to be punished, the photographer is trying to get the point across that a strong sense of nation which places the country above all else can often result in human rights violations and in inhumane punishments for people. Ultranationalism is something that leads those that have strong non-nationalist loyalties to be punished as they will protest for it and then be thrown in forced labour camps just like in the photo.

    The third source is a photo of UN soldiers helping people that have had a natural disasters occur, in this case it was flooding. The small shacks and buildings make it look like they be are in a poor region of a country and they looked to be destroyed or on the verge of being by the flooding. The UN is an international body that deals with conflicts across the world because often small poor countries can not deal with these issues on their own as they do not have the resources to recover from things like natural disasters. The caption says that the international community has the responsibility to help protect people even when they are in another nation.

    Having the UN involved shows how when different nations across the world can still help a country when they are not able to help themselves, they will use their resources to help protect the people of a different nation because the idea that as a nation they are a part of an international community. As a part of this community countries have the responsibility to help protect people because even if they are a part of a different country they are still a human being, this is an example of where nationalism is kept but extended to include people from other countries so that everyone is seen as being part of a group.

    This way of thinking is how international organizations are possible as they aren’t part of one nation, with nationalism loyalty to the country is everything so situations such as this flooding would often result in more people being killed as other countries would not get involved. Groups such as the UN would not exist as countries would try and keep resources within the country since that is what’s best for themselves, when that belief of nation is expanded to include any one that is human it results in lives such as the people in the photograph being saved.

    All these sources connect and look at the idea of nationalism from different points of view, one from where an attribute of a nation is more important that that actual nation, one where ultra nationalism leads to those people that have not nationalistic loyalties to be severely punished, and the last source that shows how when values such as the lives of people across the world are seen as the most important thing it leads to the creation of organizations like the UN that help everyone in the international community.

    The first and second source are connected in the idea that people often have non nationalistic loyalties and values that they place over their value of helping their nation. Source one has Diefenbaker speaking about how he loves an attribute of Canada more that he actually values his country, his love for the various freedoms he enjoys as a canadian citizen is stronger than his love for his country.

    Source two shows what often happens to these people when those values and loyalties are challenged when a strong authoritative government take over, those people are sent to things like forced labour camps to work in inhumane conditions for having loyalties stronger than their loyalty to their country. Diefenbaker is one of those people that would be put in these camps if Canada had an ultra nationalistic government as he would even fight for this same liberties he enjoys to be given to other people across the world, he would protest if the freedoms he loves are taken and put into similar prisons just like those in source 2.

    The second and third source are connected because they both take the idea of nationalism and show how when it is changed it can lead to vastly different things. The third source shows how when the idea of nationalism is extended to people that aren’t included in your country it can lead to positive outcomes such as the creation of the UN and the various aid it gives to people such as those being affected by natural disasters.

    The second source takes nationalism to the extreme while only focusing on those people with in the country, rather than even consider helping those that are outside the country instead they would punish those inside their nation because they have loyalties that are different from those in the government. Source 3 shows how the idea of nationalism when extended to encompass those around the world can help many people and source 2 shows how when the idea of nationalism is too strong it leads to people that are even part of their country to be punished.

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