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    The Detroit Institute of Arts Essay

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    Admission is free for children 5 and ender, Detroit residents on Fridays and for members of the DID. Graham Bell is the current director, president and C. E. O of the DID. Bell has been the director since 1999. The DID offers several different types of art which include; Native American, Egyptian, Ancient Middle East, African, Islamic, Asian, Contemporary, African American, Modern and promenade, Riviera Court, American, Great Hall, European: Medieval and Renaissance, Ancient Greek and Roman, European: inspired by Italy, European Decorative Arts, V-seasonable Living, Era of Revolution,

    British, and Dutch Golden Age. They have so many different works of art on display, but there were a few that got me in learning more about the art and the artist that created it. There was a writing desk from 1690 made by a German named Anton Liechtenstein, and a Christian Imagery of Jesus and his mother Mary, created by Donate. The labels were very easy to read and understand. Everything that seen in the museum Vass beautiful, but there was one work Of art that caught my eye. It was clock from 1767 made by the S’ verves Manufacture Of France and painted by Charles – Nicolas Odin (1734-1803).

    The S verves factory also known as the most important French Porcelain factory was founded in 1740 in the royal chateau Of Viennese. Their commercial production began around 1745 when permission was granted by Louis XV, who was the king of France from September 1, 1715 until his death May 10, 1974. The clock that S verves invented is made of Gilt Bronze. Soft Porcelain plaques, Enameled Metal and Glass Brilliants. The clocks that were made by the French in 1767 were made tit two sets of numbers, a set of Roman numerals for the hour and a set of regular numbers for the minutes. Live the iconography set for the clock symbolizes the ancient Roman times, At the time of my visit the Detroit Institute of Arts had several different Exhibitions and Events. They were offering; The Detroit Revealed, Once upon a time, Detroit revealed on film, Sunday Music bar, family performance by Joe Reilly, paper Marbling, Drawing in the galleries and the Big Picture Guided Tour. Some of the Exhibitions and Events that will take place in the future are The fifth annual Detroit public schools student Exhibition, Patti Smith: Camera Solo and Five Spanish masterpieces.

    I also took a short visit to the DID shop just to check out the items they have to offer, and just as expected they have a variety of things; they offer jewelry, archival prints, custom archival paint, Wall art, children items hand bags and wallets, paper goods, personal accessories, and t-shirts. The prices in the DID shop were very reasonable especially for the quality of the items. The DID offers a few different amenities, they have three different types of memberships the first is just for members that as a price range Of $65110, Supporting members, $180-SOCIO, and Associate members $2,000 – SIS,OHO.

    They have the DID Cafe© and they also offer Studio Classes for all ages. I noticed that the building didn’t have a lot of handicap accessible doors usually there is a button you can push so that the handicap doesn’t have to struggle with they door, but I didn’t noticed them any where. Do think that it would he easy for a disabled person to get in there because they have easy access into the building room the first floor, if they can’t walk a long distance they can valet their cars and they have huge elevators that can takeout from floor to floor.

    Since this was my first time ever visiting the museums, talked to one of the employees and explained my paper that had to write, and she was very helpful, she told me where should start at, and where to work my way to, Without her help would have been lost. In my opinion, this museum is designed for kids 8 and up because there is a lot of delicate items in this building that are not supposed to e touched and know the first thing my 5 year old twins would want to do is run around and touch things.

    With out here help I would have been lost. The museum is easily accessible from all major freeways even though the DID is closer to the John C Lodge, you can still take the other major freeways to access the Lodge freeway. They don’t have a parking lot, but still think they offer convenient parking options because they have valet parking and your able to park within walking distance of the DID for a maximum of $2 and that SO gives you a minimum Of two hours to park.

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