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    The Decision That Changed My Life Essay

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    As children, adults always ask the same question “What do you want to be when you grow up? ” When we were five, they asked and our answers would be astronaut, president, firefighter, princess or in my case a doctor. When we were ten, they would ask again and we answered with cowboy, singer, or in my case Command Officer. But know that we’ve grown up, they asked again and they wanted a serious answer. Well I answered RN. They were quite intrigued with that answer and hoped that my “dreams” will come true. To be honest, Science is such a big deal in my family.

    Everyone had some type of a degree in Science the expectations were high for me. I would get lectured what I should do in order to succeed my “goal”. So I made a plan for high school to take all the courses that were required to get into University and see what will go from there. Despite all the Science courses, I took a Communications Technology courses thinking “it will be that one easy course that will bring up my average”. Taking that course was the most eye and mind opening decision that I have ever made, and it changed my life… forever.

    I took that Communications Technology course thinking that it will help bring up my average, which it did incredibly, but it also helped open my eyes on what I am truly passionate about which is design. In that course, I learned how to use Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator as well as Photography skills. It helped me think of ideas that were out of the box. It helped challenge me to my fullest and to the extreme. Because of this course, I gave up on my “dream” of becoming an RN and decided to fulfill my dream of becoming a Graphic Designer in Advertisement.

    Becoming a Graphic Designer is no easy job; it consists of leadership, teamwork, time management, creativity and lots of focus and organization. The strengths that I can bring to this career in this field are multiple skills. For one, I am a great leader as I am able to instruct what others should do in order to get the job done. As well as, I have such a creative mind when it comes to thinking out of the box. Another skill that I have is that I am great with time management, as I am able to stay organized about what should be done at what time or date.

    Using these skills help me think about how the workplace will be like as a Graphic Designer. I imagine it being filled with all these artistic and inspiring people who have been in this profession for years. As wanting to achieve my goal as a Graphic Design, I believe Communication also plays a big part in success. Communication helps Designers to explain their artwork when promoting it to a client. Also it helps with professional meetings when describing and inspiring others on their “masterpiece”.

    I believe Communications helps sell and encourage others when it comes to Graphic Design. If I could go back in time and were asked the same question again “What do you want to be when you grow up” I would have said Graphic Designer. I would have saved so much more time with my life if I had known what I am truly passionate about in life. Realizing that becoming an RN was not a good decision and Sciences was not my desire in life. In Conclusion, by taking Communications Technology it has changed my life for the better rather for the “stereotypical worse”.

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