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    The Choice is Yours Essay (722 words)

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    My daring moments have become turning points. Where I made decision that changed the course of my entire life. It was just over a year ago when my grandma told me that my mother and her husband were coming home. I was delighted to see them, since I hadn’t seen my mom in person for the last seven years. Yes, seven years. Aside from occasional photos and frequent phone calls, our contact was limited. My relationship with my mother was beyond any other mother-daughter relationship. I still remember when I was filled with anxiety over finally seeing my mother. I had speculations about her.

    Mental imagery showed us sharing joyous times and fun activities together. I felt scared, but at the same time very happy. I was so excited I could feel my heart thumping against my chest. One day, my mother and her companion finally came home. I was so happy to see my mother. She was different from the pictures I had. On that day, I was able to move in with my mom in the city. At the time I had graduated from elementary school and was starting grade seven. Since that day everything began to change. It was fine living in with my mother and my sister, I felt like I had fulfilled my dream of having a complete family.

    Even though my step dad had to go back to Canada and get back to work, we were still happy. I did get used to having a new life, new friends, new school. New everything. I was still able to see my grandparents and cousins since I was mature enough to travel back home where they were. I really missed my grandmother who had I treated like a mother for my entire life. Maybe it was because my mother and I didn’t really get along. I was halfway through grade seven when my mom gave me the news. She said she had to fix some papers and after that we could immigrate to Canada. At first, I couldn’t believe it.

    I thought it was just a kind of joke. And if it wasn’t just a joke,they must know I wouldn’t go, because of all of the things that had been happening to me. When I moved in with my mom, I was just beginning to start building a new relationship with other new people and I’m glad I did. I was glad to regain good things at the time but my heart was shattered knowing the news that I’m moving for good. This made me realize that I had to start all over again. God knows how hard that day was for me. I felt like my mind was blown away from me, I wasn’t thinking anything clear. So, I ran away from my mom and went home.

    And when I say home, home is where my grandmother was. My mom already knew where I was and I almost got into trouble. The good thing was that my grandmother saved me from anything I could possibly in trouble from. I only had two weeks before we could migrate in Canada, though I hadn’t said yes to it. While I was staying with my grandmother, she was talking about why I should go with my mom. She said that I should do her a favor and think about good things that could possibly be given to me when I go. She spoke of a lot of things such as having a good education and a better future.

    While she was helping me to appreciate the opportunity that we had, it hit me. She was right. I was lucky to have this opportunity, I shouldn’t waste it. I chose to go. I never said goodbye to my friends but just left good memories with them. Saying goodbye sounded so miserable for me. My choice was to go because I realized that this is a good chance to improve, to be better. And who knew what could possibly happen in the future, maybe I could be successful and possibly help my family come out of poverty. I chose to go even though I would miss everyone. In my thoughts, this was for them and I promise not to let them down.

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