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    The American Dream in John Stinbeck’s novella of Mice and Men Essay

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    The “American Dream” is something that I have often read and heard about and usually context of gaining riches and fame. How ever in John Stinbeck’s novella of Mice and Men the dream of the main characters of Lennie and George is simply to own a couple of acres and to live of the “fatt of the land” – a dream that is shattered when Lennie commits murder. This famous tale has been adapted to film on numerous occasions one of the most famous being how Hal Roach’s 1939 version which we watched in class.

    One of the largest changes in the film is that we are told also made aware of Curley’s wife Mae. This is an important point in the film when we are told her name for the grounds that it gives her an added further up the ladder role to play. We see Mae using rank to fool around and dilly-dally with all the working men as she just can. This is made out to break Gorge and Lennies’ dream in the ending.

    This proves that there is a never ending sequence of dreams that just get broken.Slim the “male leader” that is what I would describe him as. There is a very interesting part in the novella when slim entirely humiliates Curley. When this happened it showed the viewers that Candy is a diminutive minded timid “man” that actually picks on the small guys to prove his power.

    When we were shown this I reflect that the entire class laughed at him. As you have observed Slim is a real man for putting Curley in his place.The sexual and racial features of the movie have changed I think this is to be blamed on to the 1939’s Hollywood picture and how they didn’t accept racial remarks. It actually put the both book and film in different categories.

    One of the letdowns is when Lennie is talking to Crooks while all the other men even Curley went out to the “Cathouse”, this is where Mae came in and abused Crooks calling him a “Nigger” and telling him “you know what I can do to your if you open your trap”. When this isn’t shown in the film I believe that it has recked the outline causing us to think Mae is a polite character.All together the book and the film both finished with the unchanged end. Furthermore I think that the book was an improved translation off Of Mice and Men with a lot more to say about the films differences.

    I have enjoyed this novel and hope that year groups to come will read this novella and say the same.

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