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    The Advice of My Brother That Changed My Life

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    My first two years of high school were messed up more than the US economy. Although I tried day and night to improve my grades to a point where I could go to a college and become the best aerospace engineer there is, it just didn’t come to me. I could not understand what I was doing wrong. My brother did give me me the advice that changed my life and my grades but the advice was so convoluted that it made zero sense at all. If my different minded brother had not given my the advice I need I would be the opposite person I am right now.

    Back when I started high school in 2009, I never expected the average classes to be so rigorous to certain people with different goals in their life, like me. I never took a solid interest in my freshman core class. Like most below average students in my grade, I didn’t just hate my classes, I resented them. I despised them, I disapproved of them in every way possible. My hatred for the classes soon became a burning fire, fueled by anger over my past grades. The fire kept burning and getting bigger until…PPPZZZZ. The year ended and my horrible failure came to light and soon went into the night. Over the summer my brother finally gave me the advice which would make me who I am today, but he didn’t explain how it worked.

    The following year I started school with my book bag, my class schedule, and a worthless piece of advice that my brother thought would help. After open house, like so many other intellectual minds of that semester, I thought I would have a good year. As always I had made the wrong assumption about my future. After three weeks, the fire, which I had believed to have been extinguished, reignited. The difference this time is that I liked my classes, but I was still a lower class student. I finished the year once more but I still failed to reach my expectations. As the previous year, the fire went out but, I was un-eased because I knew it would come back.

    Over the summer it came to me to what his advice meant. I was trying to find a symbolic meaning when in reality the meaning was literal. After that epiphany of scientific proportions, I waited for school to start so I could improve beyond my limits because now, there were no limits. I knew my GPA would increase at a rate and to a point which had been impossible to me for nearly 11 years of my young life; that’s practically my whole educational career. The only thing that was hindering me at being my best were my own feelings. The difference now would be that my fire would stay hidden within me, I shipped the fire away.

    Unfortunately for me, I understood the advice a little too late during my high school career to take advantage of it. However, unlike certain other weak minded peers in my grade group, I didn’t care. I took that advice and molded it with my beliefs and values of that time. My junior year went by so fast because of this that I felt like I didn’t even try. However, I subconsciously did try, consciously I didn’t do anything. And I was right, I had surpassed my limits. I actually reached the technical limit for that term.

    I used that advice so much that the essence of my soul was surround around this belief. Quite quickly I was able to take this idea through an evolution. Now this advice became a God- particle for me. It gave me a lifestyle that seemed like it was created out of carbonite. That advice was not advice anymore; now it was a law. This law now defines every second of my life. This law was and perhaps will be the most influential sentence that I will ever hear for the rest of my life. The Law of Rahil: Stop caring.

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