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    Teenage Question: Who Am I (1332 words)

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    At one point in every teenager life, he or she has to ask this question. Who am I? I only live by my parents’ expectations it might be a little difficult to discover my true self. Because I did whatever they told me to do no question ask. Although they mean well but as a teenager, we just want to live life just like every other teenager. While we are trying to find out who we are we always felt the needs of trying out new things. In the story “Greasy Lake” those three teenage friends went up to the lake because everybody goes there. Also, they wanted to see what it feels like to be a bad boy.

    My 10th-grade teacher, Madame Mode once ask me, who are you? I froze because I did know how to answer. It is a very simple question, yet, it terrified me because I am still learning about myself. So, I told her that I don’t know. Then, she told me that I should try new things to find out who I am not if I seek to know who I am. From that moment my life had a new purpose. To be honest, if she did not ask me that question I would not be able to discover a lot about myself.

    Reflecting on what my teacher told me, I challenged myself to try out different identities, to find out what I am not to know who I am. In “Greasy Lake” T.C. Boyle reveals a struggling group of friends who are unsure about them identify or how they fit into the changing society. Therefore, they felt the needs to behave like every others teenager. “I went for the tire iron I kept under the driver’s seat. I kept it there because bad characters always keep iron under the driver’s seat.” (l,9). They were naïve, and they did not think of the consequences of their actions.

    I had a similar experience where I decided to befriend with two bad girls at my 10th-grade class in Haiti. I must say that if someone had told me how bad they were I would change my mind. I met Fabienne first, she was a wild girl. She had at least two boyfriends in our school at that time. She would go to every party. After I became a friend with her she introduces me to Ivrose and we became form a bad girls crew. I joined them just have some fun and make new friends since they were popular every they go. we used to do everything together. I was blind by my desire to make a friend that I did not notice the game they trying to play. First, we went to a party. It was a nice party until they start playing matchmaking with a boy name Jacques. He was a troubled one, he smokes, drink and later I even learn that he was in prison for illegal drugs. When I refuse, their eyes were full of resentment towards me. Our friendship became very distant along the way. The more I learn about them, the more I don’t want to friend with them. Next, we went to a girl house name Sara. We beat her up because she stole one of Fabienne boyfriend. My mother finds out and I get a two weeks detention after I got the beating of my life from my her. I realize being a bad girl was not part of me, so I decided to end our friendship. A few days later, after Fabienne warn me to watch myself, they attack me at my school during lunch period. As I was about to enter my classroom Ivrose push me against the door. I bounce off the door hit the floor and the moment I get up I hit her. While I was hitting her, a bunch of students put us inside a circle. As we were fighting, Fabienne came from nowhere and slice my face with a Gillette. I spend two weeks going to the hospital for treatment. On the third week, I went back to school, but I still had to wear a bandage. Fabienne and Ivrose were kicked out of the school.

    Furthermore, when I was in 11th grade I decided to follow the same path. I was waiting anxiously to meet my new teacher because he had a donut shape on his head. His name was professor James I do not even remember his last name because I only called him “Professor Donut”. At first, it was fun to call him that until one day as I was calling him “Professor Donut” my school director was standing at the door and I did not see him. When he called me to meet him at his office it felt like just skip a beat. One, I was terrified that I might get kick out of the school. Second, if that happen, I had to manufacture a lie to tell my mother when I get home. When I get to his office he told me my I had two option. Either I apologize to the teacher with a week detention or get kicked out of school for misconduct. At this point, my whole school year was I jeopardy because no other school was going to accept me. So, I went back to the classroom apologies to the teacher and accept my week detention. Just like in “Greasy Lake” the boys almost rape a girl which would ruin their lives. Just they have been giving another chance with the arrival of the car I was also given a chance by my director when he gives me those two options. After both of my experiences on being a bad girl, I realized that I do not want to be bad.

    My experience was not all bad. When I realize that been a bad girl was not working out in my favored I decided to change. One day as I was going to see my uncle who lives next to a river. I saw a woman dropping something next to the river. It was late afternoon So, I went to check it out and I saw it moving. I was scared but I decided to unwrap the package. I was surprised to see that it was a newborn baby girl. I acted immediately, took the baby, and rush to my uncle’s house to show him. Since it was in the afternoon and the authority’s office was already closed, so we’ve waited until tomorrow to get the baby check. After a long wait, one of the officers who oversaw the case told us that they could not find the mother of the baby. Since they going to put it for adoption I advise my uncle to adopt her. So, my uncle accepts and now she’s ten years old. Till now we never heard from the mother, but I was able to save her from the terrible faith that her mother chooses for that day I found her by the river. One thing I learn about myself was that I feel better when I am helping people. Second, I once more confirmed that I am not a bad girl.

    The three teenage boys at “Greasy Lake” choose to behave like most teenagers, they were rebellious and involve themselves in socially aberrant behavior. They struggle and unsure about them identify or how they fit into the changing society. I can relate to their story because I was once tough to be a bad girl. At the end, when the girls say hi they though she looks like zombies, war veterans, deaf and dumb pencil. After a night of terror, they realize being a bad boy did not suit them. Sometimes life’s present us with a new challenge and obstacle it is up to us to decide whether to give up or die to try.

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