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    Technology in Music Essay (1248 words)

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    Music technology has created an almost infinite number of possibilities for musicians to express themselves creatively through their music. It allows people to make music with simplicity that was previously impossible. It has impacted the types of music that’s heard around us every day. During the sass’s the music scene underwent a major change through the developments in the form of music television and . Compact disc. Music now has advance rhythmically, melodically and technologically. Advances in the ways music has been created over the years have been mainly due to advances in publics tastes, views and thinking has humanity regresses.

    Electronic music is music that uses technology to produce its sounds and rhythm, new inventions like the synthesizer can produce sound never heard before, and improvements in recording, editing and sound quality have led to new methods of music production being created. It is clear that technology developments have had a profound effect on the way we listen, make, and learn about music. For example, pianos have developed from mechanisms that pluck strings to hammers that strike the strings and brass; instruments have developed values which allow them to play in different keys.

    History shows that new forms of technologies have enhanced music and promoted it to a wider audience. It was not until the developments of technologies such as recording, electronics, and computing that made the most important change in how I approach music today. In the sass’s Therein and the nodes martinet were the first electronic instrument and in the sass’s the tape recording, which enabled the manipulation of recording of natural sounds and the creation of the concrete music studios in Paris by Pierre Schaeffer.

    Later in the 20th century followed the development of electric guitars, synthesizers and analogue according system, which was followed by digital recording systems. The first time I recorded a song was on a digital recording system was exciting until I listened to an instrumental through the system. Music technology has a great impact on how I make music. After studying and listening to some producers it seems females are not too interesting with the technologies in music, “Issues of gender and technology have occupied some researchers’ attention in recent years.

    There is a common belief that technology is a more masculine enterprise and that females are less interested and sees effective in the use of technology. ” Peter R. Webster 119. A song can be emotionally contagion because an individual can experience the emotions from the person who’s performing the song. In the music industry a lot of artists are unassertive because someone else composes their songs and they hesitate or refuse display their feelings and thoughts. An instrument could speak to someone nonverbally before the artist evens perform the song. The ‘get it done early school of thought has immense practical value for music educators.

    Teachers and students an remind themselves that in the end they will be more productive if they make commitments. ” Tableau, Matthew D. I started producing and mixing down my songs two years ago, I have gained plenty of knowledge and tips on how to improve and produce a professional track, and through dedication and persistence I continue to develop day by day “There is a growing number of music technology or technology- Technology in Music By Elijah programmer in music technology, sound recording, and music engineering technology, electronic music and sound design, music industry and technology’ Fred J.

    Reese Technology has and continues to have a great impact on the music industry, an activity of companies and individuals whose goal is to advance music genres and garner a wider audience through the promotion and selling of recorded music. Musicians and music itself has gained much importance over the years and with the increase in popularity technology for music has also developed. Technical advances in the last fifty years have brought numerous changes in the music industry. Recording and listening to music has drastically revolutionized from records and C.

    D. ‘S to Amp’s, digitally downloaded music. Highly developed devices, such as synthesizers, samples and computer enhanced audio editing have revolutionized the music industry and increased the quality of recordings by creating a more diverse and complete sound and has since minimized the need for real and talented musicians. During the 20th Century technology impacted the way musical sounds were created, artist will simply record music on a tape and composers would rearrange the recorded music to create a better sound.

    As computers developed more and more uses, the music industry took advantage and never looked back. Computers allowed producers and managers to record songs and edit them later to add effects or enhance them. This has had a greater impact on pop music because producers could digitally enhance mediocre singers into fantastic ones. Background effects could be added with ease music of the sass became the example of music that’s computer-enhanced, bands like Ann.’s and the Backstreet Boys were huge artist and clearly had enhanced vocals and background music within their composition.

    These advancements also allowed producers to go back and edit together different takes and different sounds, it enables a band or single artist the ability to record a song in bits and pieces or re-do a segment to make it sound better. The most tremendous difference the music industry has seen is the advancement from vinyl records to magnetic tape to C. D. ‘S to now digital music in the form of AMP and AMP files that can be played by many devices. These files are virtually intangible as they transfer from one device to another through wireless connections.

    Amp’s have also help artist economically by allowing them to cut out the middle men or record stores and obtain greater revenues, by offering consumers a large selection of music t a cheaper cost the AMP technology eliminates manufacturing and shipping cost while at the same time offering new music sales through new music formats. This new technology has helped increase the amount of new independent artist and labels who would traditionally seek the help of top industry labels.

    However on the other hand, assumptions have been made that advanced technology has exploited the music industry and have generated a loss in revenues. While technology allows music to be distributed all over the world at the touch of a button and enables artists o advertise on an unprecedented scale it also allows music to be pirated illegally anywhere and at any time. Music Piracy is the unauthorized duplication of goods protected by intellectual property law, for example, music that is protected by copyright.

    This comes in the form of individual’s illegally uploading or downloading music online, online companies who build businesses based on theft and encourage for illegal purchase or even merely the copying of a CD for entertainment purpose. And as this younger generation enter an era of readily accessible media at the click f a button, pirated and illegal downloads of high quality music has threatened the way that both artists and their labels do business, so while artist can secure greater profits, they are also wary that these profits can be entirely lost through music piracy.

    The music industry continues to mobile different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds together through its multi-varied genres and artist ,and as technology in itself advance tremendously each and every day we can be sure that the way it influence music, whether positively or negatively, will also grow and enhance the way music is received and produced globally.

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