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    Stock car racing Essay (542 words)

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    Before a driver is able to go out and race at a particular track, he must follow a certain set of rules that the track displays to each driver for his safety and the safety of others. Firstly, each driver is required to have a safety helmet, Snell 85 minimum, on at all times when on the track. Also drivers must have a driver’s fire suit, free of grease and oil on at all times.

    For the driver’s safety, each car must have a 4-point stock car safety harness that will pass inspection, fasten to frame or roll cage. Belts must be dated for tech and are good for a five-year period. There must also be a quick release fire extinguisher in the racecar at all times, within easy reach of the driver. The battery must be securely placed behind the driver’s seat. There must be a protective covering over the battery. Also for the driver’s safety, every car must have an emergency kill switch, located outside of the car on thee driver’s side, where the windshield wiper was originally mounted or in front of the driver’s window opening.

    Technicians inspect each stock car before a race; therefore the driver must set the car up according to the rules of the track. Due to the nature and aggressiveness of racing, each car is required to have a 4-point roll cage. In New Brunswick, all cars must run the Good Year Eagle G-60, which are purchased at the track. Drivers are limited to the number of tires they can buy in a season, in New Brunswick it is ten. Cars must run 8 or 10-inch steel wheels.

    Tires are no allowed to extend beyond the body fenders over two inches. Drivers must also follow engine rules. There are three engines that can be used in the Sportsman division: GM 350, Ford 351W, and Mopar 360. All engines are allowed to be bored . 30 inches.

    All cars must run no larger than the 500 CFM two barrel carburetor. The drivers can run two stock gasketsIn Miramichi and Shediac, drivers run a stock camshaft with a 5. 13 gear ratio, but in Fredericton, drivers can run unlimited camshaft but they must keep their gear ratio under 5. 00. Preparations for Stock Car RacingAll cars must be built with a factory frame, not square tubing.

    You may run leaf or coil springs depending on your chassis type. Leaf spring chassis’s are easier to set up but coils keep their settings longer. You have many more options with the coil springs. The car must weight 3000 lbs.

    after the race is over, with thee driver in the driver’s seat. Weight distribution is 55% left side of all over weight. All cars must run a racing fuel cell enclosed in a steel box. Cars must run copper fuel line from the front to the back, absolutely no rubber.

    Sportsman cars run automotive or 100 11-aviation fuel only. Any car found illegal at any track would automatically be reported to all other tracks. Track officials may check any car at any given time. Anything not being specified as allowed must be stock. Any misinterpretation of the rules will be subject to a final decision by the track officials.

    So in short, if it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t do it.

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