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    Sex Trafficking Throughout Eastern Europe Essay

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    Sex Trafficking in Eastern Europe The women and children of Eastern Europe are no longer safe. Not in their own homes not anywhere. There are many reasons why the citizens are not safe. Due to poverty and inhuman living conditions, these citizens will do anything to get out. Even, if the only way is to put themselves in dangerous or life threatening situations.

    It is mostly women that put themselves in these situations. Some of these women do not care if they are tricked into doing vile, disgusting acts for other and sadly the children have no option. Yet the children are dragged into it anyway. These acts are also known as Human Sex Trafficking. Or a branch off of human trafficking. Many believe that Sex Trafficking in Europe is a crime against humanity.

    And do not know how to stop it from occurring. This shows that Eastern Europe is no longer a safe place because over the past decayed Sex Trafficking is at an all-time high and everyone is affected. Who is really affected in Eastern Europe? Of the citizens affected women are the most prevalent. Women do not have a positive outlook on life, epically if the job they are promised is not the job they receive. For all they know they could be tricked into a horrible fate. Which often enough is what actually happens “Women in Eastern Europe are being tricked into modern day slavery, sex trafficking” (Boyd).

    Many women have been tricked into this line of work, and they often have no choice in the matter. Due to it being such a common occurrence. Even someone like “Maria who was a thirty year old woman, was promised a high paying job by men, but instead she is forced into prostitution” (“Sex Trafficking Prey”). And even after she got out her life was never the same. Maria is not the on. .

    ed, there will be a better chance to stop Sex Trafficking from the inside. By stopping Sex Trafficking from the inside, the people will be getting to the core of the problem and then hopefully saving millions of women and children’s lives. So over-all no one is safe in Eastern Europe. Women and children are being forced into the horrifying sex industry. Without a choice or say in the matter. Citizens cannot trust anyone, not their friends, neighbors or, their own family.

    Even with the organizations in place to help stop sex trafficking, there is very little progress being made. Since, the people are still living in denial or enjoying the serves to much to care. Not even when it may or may not be a family member who is being taken from their lives just too be a part of this ever growing industry. So yes, a crime against humanity is exactly what sex trafficking is.

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    Sex Trafficking Throughout Eastern Europe Essay. (2019, Feb 20). Retrieved from

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