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Renaissance Images/ Gothic Cathedrals

Adoration of the Magi
1475, Botticelli
The Last Supper
1495-98, DaVinci
Chartres Cathedral
1194-1220, France, holds the relic of the tunic of the Virgin Mary (when she gave birth to Christ), people travelled to Chartres to see the relic. Church burned down, and the relic was lost. When it was found, it was believed that Mary wanted to burn the church down to build a new one

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flying buttress
supporting structure out of the church to resist lateral forces, opened up walls to let light into the church
pointed arch
to make cathedral taller and closer to heaven
stainglass windows
to let the light in which was associated with heaven/divinity
north rose window
located at north transept of church, entrance was under window, let in all the light
Brunelleschi’s dome
(1420-36) Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence), left no plans behind, but he made a dome that had the highest and widest vault at the time without centering. He created a double shell dome, no flying buttresses, and he was inspired by domes/mosques around the world. HERRINGBONE TECHNIQUE
belief that monarchs have all the power, they believe in the divine right
divine right
belief that God created the monarchy, the monarch is representative of God on earth.

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Renaissance Images/ Gothic Cathedrals
Adoration of the Magi 1475, Botticelli The Last Supper 1495-98, DaVinci
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Renaissance Images/ Gothic Cathedrals
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